Friend of good friends: Keeping the body healthy affects the mind.....!!

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Are you spending time with good people to keep your health healthy and happy? Relationships with friends do not raise you up to hurt you?
While many of us mainly focus on food and exercise primarily for good health, science says that the friends we have with our friends also affect our health. Positive thinking and presence of positive people around us really help us. Researchers have found that certain health behaviors can be contagious and affect individuals, social and social networks, concerns, and overall happiness online. A recent report found that the routine of any person's exercise is strongly influenced by her (male or female) social network.

Recently I was reminded of the power of people on a wellness tour organized by Times Journeys. Despite being victim of various types of life, including cancer, visceral and recent loss of loved ones, and also being optimistic and vivacious, tourists were attracted to a tour of tourists. They were 17 to 90 years old. An elderly person who came to Ashir at the age of age was introduced to follow the rules of vegetarian diet and solid exercise to bring his diabetes under control. A new female friend of 50-o'clock, recovering from lung cancer, kept me happy while talking and helped me not to be tired of doing a special hard work.
After this visit, we all agreed to contact each other. Encouraged by this experience, I returned home with a renewed commitment that not just exercise and healthy life but also increase the involvement of my social life and spend more time with happy people.
One of the National Geographic's fellow and author Dan Buetner researches the health of people living in so-called private zones. The borough zone is the areas where people live longer than average life expectancy. He mentioned that positive friendships in the bog zones are a common issue.
BUETNER says that friends can have a measurable and ongoing effect on your health behavior in such a way that no food can ever be eaten.

Japan's Okinawa is such a place where the average life expectancy of women is 90 years, that is, the maximum age of women here. People here have built a social network called Moai. This is a group of 5 people who need their social, logistic, emotional or financial support throughout their life.
BUETNER said that this is a powerful idea. Traditionally, their parents kept them in Moire since birth when they were born, and they lived in it all their life.
When everything is good, the group enjoys a moai such as sharing lots of crop production. Families of families help each other when a child gets sick or dies. They also influence each other's health behavior throughout life.
Buextan is working to develop two dozen majas nationwide with health officials of Central and State, including former United States General Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. He recently spent time in Fort Worth of Texas. There were some residents who built Walking Moazz. This is the group that meets in regular meetings for walking and social work.
He said, we see that you can gather all those people who want to change their health behavior and organize themselves through walking and vegetarian diet. We encourage them to stay with them for 10 weeks. We have formed Moaj, which are now a few years old and they still have a good influence in the lives of the members.
To build a successful Moai, one has to start working with people who have similar interests, emotions and values. To begin with, the South Zone team is trying to build people on the basis of geography, work and family schedules. Then they asked a bunch of questions to find common interest. Traveling with a sea trip or a backpack, what is the best way to spend your vacation? Do you like rock n roll to classic music? Do you want to be a subscriber to The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal?
Bueyten said that you can do a lot on the basis of long-term relationships.
My girlfriend Karol Hourbacher of a New York City tourist mentioned that the presence of positive people around him helped in the loss of two of her husband's loss in a few years. Mrs. Awarbak was widowed at the age of 30. At that time, her children were 2 and 5 years old. He was able to help his family with the help of family and friends and in his own strength. He later married again. Then in 1992, her second husband also died suddenly. In order to cope with the second push, he took volunteer work and started contributing to his community.
Mrs. Awarbak said that he did the fact that he got a positive view from the mother who saved alive the stem of the Jews. His mother left Germany at the age of 19 and could not see his parents again.
He said, when we were growing up, we were not well at that time. We used to live in a bedroom apartment, and my parents slept in a sofa. My mother never complained. I think he knew very well that bad things will happen, but you have to accept the situation in your life.

Mrs. Ovarbak fell in love again and married a third. In 15 years he is having a family with husband. He said life is very short. So there is no time to stay with negative people. I want people around me that will be as much as possible to me, be thoughtful and will see the earth as a half-full church, not half empty.
The South Zone team created a quiz to help people determine the positive impact of their social networks. Quizzes have been asked about your friends and their health, how much they drink, eat, exercise and their views as well. The purpose of this quiz is not to shorten your healthy friends, but to identify those people in your life who are closest to you and spend most of your time with them.
Three to five more than the Facebook friends of BUETANA emphasized the actual friends. He said, generally you want friends with whom you can talk meaningful. They will respond if they call them at your worst times. Your friend's grade is better than any medication or aging supplementation supplement. They will do more for you than anyone else.

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