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RE: Lease Option Sandwich

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Of course as the middle man, you take all the risk that you won't find a tenant. You're already risking 750$ a month till they move in, and on top of that you risk another 1000$ they don't want to buy the option. Gotta be careful with that.


@jrkirby, do you do any real estate investing?

No, not really. I bought my first house outright recently (cheap place in cheap city), but I'm not in a place to do actual investing yet.

Well, I completely understand that it sounds risky at first. But, just like any other deal in real estate, you shouldn't make it unless you know it's a good deal and you've done your homework. If you have, this could actually be less risky because you have not sunk a hundred thousand dollars in a property. You're only in for it for the amount of your lease. And, if you're buying in a good location, it shouldn't be too hard to re-lease.

A technique like this could offer people like you and I a deal who maybe initially thought couldn't "invest" or do real estate. Leveraging other people's money is easier than most people think. The hard part is finding the good deal.