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RE: An Exclusive Interview with MAX HODL: Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™

I wanted to ask someone about Death Stranding , instantly you came to my mind. Can we assume a post about it ? I'm really curious


it's really good so far imo, been in 2 or 3 hours. i like games which are like movies though haha so definitely biased. very creative and audacious production.

Dayyum sadly its too expensive for me hopefully I will snatch it too ! super hyped about it

its not like metal gear and not about combat, so i can see why it might be boring for some

Gotta carry those cargos man , as I observed so far first 3 hours is pretty easy you can just run and get your cargo but when the time passes , you can actually get inside the game and things get interesting , I'm lucky a friend bought it I will go to him and finish the game this week :D

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