Reading With Grams Episode 9 Hi, Cat

In this Episode of Reading with Grams

Fey and Miles Gram's reads in Episode 9 Hi, Cat by Ezra Jack Keats. I am not the best out-loud reader but am making this series for my grand-babies and for any child that loves to have books read to them. I hope you enjoy and excuse any mistakes. If I catch them I will try to edit them out but I am human.

I did not like this book

If I had more time I would have picked another one. This is the first time I read this one and I didn't think the author told the story well. I thought it was gonna be about a cat but it was really more about playing pretend but the way the story was told it was hard to follow, in my opinion. I need to get ahead of schedule so I am not rushing to record these so I can avoid another story that doesn't tell the story well.

Maybe take a day I have free and record more than one

So if there is a story that doesn't make sense or just isn't told well I am not reading it for the world to see. But I am on a schedule for my grandbabies and didn't want them not to have something to watch later today. So It is what it is today and I learned a lesson, just because it is a book for kids doesn't mean it is a good book.


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