Reading with Grams Episode 8 Green Pants

In this episode of Reading with Grams

Fey and Miles Gram's reads in Episode 8 Green Pants by Kenneth Kraegel read by Michelle Freed. I am not the best out-loud reader but am making this series for my grand-babies and for any child that loves to have books read to them. I hope you enjoy and excuse any mistakes. If I catch them I will try to edit them out but I am human.A special shout out to the Delaware County's Sheriff's office for donating this book to me for this episode. I ran into them at the Washington Street Festival in Muncie, IN over the weekend and this book was donated to me for this series. Thank you for the donation.

I think it is really nice that the Sheriff's department is giving kids books

Kids need books and when they are small they need people to read to them. When children are read to at a young age they are more likely to be stronger readers than those who are not read to. Having adult encourage reading is something I always respect. So I am very happy to give the Sheriff's department credit for this episode, as they gave me the book. I hope they keep giving books to kids and those who want to read to children.


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