a great time to learn

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hi all stemian
is there lazy learning here?
lazy go to tutoring?
or also lazy everything and just wasting time playing games

for those of you who are still a student sempatkan is a bit of your time to learn even if only 5 minutes
for me the right time to learn is at night
yes, at night, you just need to have a place where the atmosphere is cool and no chaos or you can also learn the sideline to hear that song even more fun and more relaxed

remember learning it should not be forced too, start learning by your own will and think about your education and think your future too
if you think these two things you will definitely want to achieve

you do not have to spend long
start learning in 5 minutes, and the second week 10 minutes, and next month 15 minutes,

because I have felt my own sensation while studying
fitting at night I learned the next day I immediately understood and can answer things that are taught by the teacher,
that's when I feel that learning is important

but remember also the time you guys also do not have to learn every time, and sempatkanlah also play, because there is no harm if you play
because it's a pleasure in itself

That is all from me
hopefully useful all

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