Reading and research.

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Reading can seriously damage your ignorance. True, but not all who read (do) get their ignorance damaged. I will try to explain it through my understanding; two distinct kinds of readers (in a world where there is nothing new). That is: Those who read to repeat, and those who read to research.
But how did we end up with these two kinds?
Just a reminder.
We are travellers in the space-time-continuum. We learn from those who 'went' before us. They are called authors and teachers (or anyone who is experienced). Now, how one does his/her learning determines the type of a reader he/she ends up becoming. If you allow the author (or anyone you learn from) to piggyback you the rest of the journey. Carrying you like a baby is put on her mother's back. Chances are you'll end up knowing as much as s/he knows. You become a reader who repeats his/her teacher (author).
But if you allow yourself to be carried on the shoulders of the author , you are more likely to see further than s/he can see . Thus , you become a reader who does his/her research independently . You grow up . Your ignorance is damaged beyond repair. Blame authors who carried you on their shoulders.

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This is so true. Especially when arguing about big topics like vaccines I often think:

So if you are emotional enough even reading won't help you :(

Glad you liked it 😊