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Obviously I am a newbie, if you look at my profile, you will realize that I just joined. I want this post to be a start for me and also to be like a memorial showing the day and time I attended and started posting on the platform.


I am currently not at school because an association at my school has been on strike since the corona incident. They hold many inefficient meetings about how they work with the government. They owe the government a lucrative amount of money that they will use to do our work and facilitate the work of our faculty members. Let me drop this topic so I don't bore you.

I'm out of school and I'm trying ways to make money online, which brings us to where I am. A friend suggested I try posting articles here, so if I'm lucky I'll make money and save for my future education. I hope I'm lucky.

However, due to personal matters for me, I will want to remain anonymous, so for now I will not put a face on my name. Still, I will write about an anonymous topic related to Hacks of life and lifestyle, which is my specialty here. I am a little inexperienced but I hope you all will help me improve my writing.

I hope we all get what we want and we are here.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time