This Free Operating System Will Completely Replace Windows in the Coming Years

in reactos •  5 months ago

Reactos can be compared to Freedos, a free 100% compatible with MsDOS operating system.

Reactos is based on the "NT" versions on Windows, without DOS. NT stands for 'New Technology' whereas Win95 and Win98 were build as a shell around MsDos.

These 'NT' versions of Windows are: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10.

So, in time all programs that are designed for any Windows NT version, should be 100% compatible with Reactos and look and feel exactly the same as when used under Windows.

The team needs extra developers and people who want to translate, promote etc. If you're a techie and want to contribute, you can get in here:

It May Even Replace MacOs Too

Some more links:

They are still working with Paypal...

Maybe Reactos Needs a Token? To fund the developers? To speed up development?

Maybe someone here on Steemit can show these guys how to launch such a crypto-funding thing or how to get up a Steemit account where whales can put in lots of steem?

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I will search about this! It seems very interesting!
One more thing, I tried to contact you at FB but lost your name there! Want to discuss a thing!



Bro I am there! I want you there too :D


That's good news for computers users


it's still years in Alpha, but development continues

Free opreating system from Microsoft or other company ?


No company, watch the video and read the links.

wow some big competition arising that will be cool to see how mass adoption comes to that


If these guys get their job done, then I don't see why anyone would stay with Windows or Linux on the PC or laptop. Maybe they can even port it to the smartphone as well.

If it's free and gives you the same experience , minus the terrible update shit and spying, then it's a no-brainer :-)

Great news for windows user...
It will be effective update for microsoft...@pagandance

Is it really true sir @pagandance??..Its more interesting..
Thnxxx sir fr sharing an infrmative news with us👌

Yeah,,That's a good video..Awesome !!!!
Creative video too..
Thanks for sharing

Intresting project. I'd be curious to see how far it makes it!