Seven (7) OTG and Keyboards Giveaway Result Announcement.

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We are really glad to announce the winners for last week Reachout's OTG and keyboards giveaway organized by @prettyjules158 and @juli1 with sponsorship from @eturnerx.

In the contest, members of Reachout discord group who possessed OTG supported phones were asked to indicate their interest for an OTG and Keyboard giveaway through a post.

A total of 10 valid entries were received. @fredoski and @lordjames entries where invalid because they joined the contest two hours to the post payout time. We learn that @zenifa already own an OTG, keyboard and a laptop, we want the prize to go to those who really needs.

Therefore, we agree to compensate @zenifar with 1sbd.

Please let's try to apply early for contest next time.

The winners are;

Congratulations to all winners.

The winners should contact @prettyjules on reachout discord group with the address of the nearest bus terminal to them and their phone number.

Note: All recipient are required to make a post describing how the items have been useful to them. This post should be made within the first seven days after receiving the package.

Thank you to @eturnerx and members of Reachout discord group.

To join this great family on discord click; here

so you will be eligible for the next giveaway.
See you there.....

Written by @prettyjules158

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Congratulation to all winner of this contest. thanks to @prettyjules158 and @juli1. and this contest sponsor @eturnerx.

Although I won this contest but I have alredy a laptop, keyboard and OTG. so, No need this...meny meny thanks to @prettyjules158 She has sent 1SBD to me @zenifar

Best of luck @reachout family.


Thanks for being gracious about this and letting us help those more in need. I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences using OTG+USB Keyboard, especially since you have a laptop too.


I agree!
If I want to show this to anyone else, I need some HowTo's and examples of how this works better than giving away SIM cards and smart phones?
I'm very interested, please document and link us where we can see examples of how you make this work for you. I explained it, "simply add a OTG keyboard to your smart phone to make it a PC, and run Word on your Android phone or Windows phone."

Is that a good definition of this giveaway?


The results are not yet in, so I don't know for sure.
I wouldn't say that this is better than giving away phone+SIM or financing mobile data. It's just different. The rationale is that once somebody has a phone+SIM then an OTG+keyboard might improve productivity. I see this a cost-efficient, but not long-term useless, step on the way towards a content-creator ramping up so they can then buy a tablet or laptop later. When that occurs then the OTG+keyboard still retain some usefulness. When the results are in then we'll have a better idea on how this actually turned out.


Thanks Dear, @eturnerx for your selfless support to develop @reachout family. For a freelancer a personal computer, smart phone, OTG,usb keyboard and a internet modem are very much needed. Luckily I have all of them.In short These make my work much easier. Later on I will share my experience details all of these device.


Comment with the link here and I'll upvote it.

Even though I didn’t win but big ups to guys who made it possible and congratulations 🎉🎊 to the amazing winners

Good job @prettyjules158, @eturnerx and @reachout. Congratulations to the winners, hope to make the list some other time.

@reachout has really been very influential in my steemit journey. Thanks so much for this!
Thanks too for your consistency in supporting minnows and encouraging positive development.

Am I excited? Sure I am!
Thank you so much @reachout and all stake holders of the community. My special thanks goes to these awesome personalities:
And to other winners, I congratulate you all!


Congratulations to @starbele and all the winners.


Aww... Thank you @dubem-eu

congratulations to all winners

Congratulations to all the winners

@eturnerx, @akintunde and @prettyjules158

Thank you very much


Yaaaaaay thank you so much

I am so excited. Thanks for this i really appreciate.
God bless you

@reaxhout wow my joy knows know boundary. I can't believe I succeeded as one of the winner. Thanks for this opportunity

Thanks to the organizers

congratulation to the winners of this wonderful contest

Can I participate in this contest from India?

This is really cool. Sorry I was not aware of it earlier.

Jules or @reachout, please be in touch on this subject and we can expand on this. I hope these keyboards are really helping onboard a lot of people in Nigeria!

Please document and link us where we can see examples of how you make this work for you.

I explained it, "simply add a OTG keyboard to your smart phone to make it a PC, and run Word on your Android phone or Windows phone."

but it's just a guess, is that accurate? what am I missing?
I assume these OTG keyboards are more simple and do not require charging, like a bluetooth keyboard would and are much cheaper.