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In Resident Evil 2 Remake we have a lot of parallel stories that take place between the walls of the city. In addition to a game that will come soon and we will talk to you when the time comes, we have a classic that comes back from the original: The 4th Survivor.

How to play The 4th Survivor? (Hunk)
To unlock it, you simply have to complete New Game 2 with both Leon and Claire.

Hunk, aka Grim Reaper, aka Mr. Death, the best member of the U.S.S. of Umbrella (his team of covert special forces), was the only survivor of the NEST lab assault. Its objective? Getting to the rescue helicopter during the height of the infection, with the police station bustling with freshly revived zombies. The mode has a series of characteristics:

Hunk is armed with:

°LE 5 with 32 bullets.
°100 bullets of extra submachine gun for the LE 5.
°MUP with 16 bullets.
°Standard Lightning Hawk with 7 bullets.
°6 extra magnum bullets for the Lightning Hawk.
°W-870 with cylinder head and long barrel.
°6 extra shotgun shells for the W-870
°Gunpowder (large) x2
°Quality powder gun (yellow) x2
°Hand grenade x3.
°Blinding Granada x3.
°First aid spray.
°Green Grass + Blue.
°Red + Green + Blue Grass.
°Red + Blue Grass.

To overcome the mode you have to get to the main entrance of the police station and exit through the gate, but there are many closed doors:

¡Spoiler Warning!

° You must first reach the Seating Room of the sewers to go up to the basement of the police station.
° Then, go through the boiler room and go up to the parking lot.
From there, it reaches the east wing of the police station and reaches the Lobby.
° Now you will have to cross the west office up the stairs to 2F and cross the showers and hallway of the STARS Office to the Library.
° From there you will have to reach the east wing.
° You will have to cross the corridor of the art room in the direction of the boss's office and go up the stairs.
° Go out the roof door, down the stairs and back into the helicopter aisle.
° Go down the emergency stairs and go out into the yard and ... get ready.
° You have an authentic horde of zombies, an adult G and an Ivy (very careful with him) in front.
° If you manage to overcome Ivy, this is done: cross the stairs of the subway and when climbing, turn left to reach the door

An important tip, I would say crucial: you need to have, at least, a blinding Granada to use against the Licker that will jump on you in the corridor when leaving the garage, a hand grenade for the Licker of the hall of the Art Room when you go to climb to the roof and a pomegranate of any kind for the Ivy that is in the courtyard. Also, make sure you have 6 bullets from the magnum for the two Ivy from the hallway of the S.T.A.R.S.

Thanks for your attention. @cybergame

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Next post about RE2 about Mr. Raccoon collectibles for the indestructible knife. @cybergame

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