Upgraded to Brushless

in rc •  10 months ago

Shortly after acquiring this RC car for christmas I crashed and it's wheels wouldn't turn much. Only 6 months later I decided to make it work again, found a servo and a motor that fit the existing brackets with minimal changes. The 5400kv motor is meant for an airplane, there is not much torque, this means the wheels need to be turning before the motor is easily able to continue the motion. I also used an airplane ESC because that is what I have, therefore it can only go forward. Once I give it a little throttle and a nudge it zooms into action, I found that it would flip backwards before I could get to full throttle, if I was able to keep it moving straight enough I think it could potentially do 45-50mph. I easily beat a car going 30 up our steep street. Unfortunately at the end of the day I left it on and bumped the throttle, causing the motor to grind a significant portion of the main gear off, i'm working on a solution.

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