I Am Mining Raven Coin for Many Reasons.

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I have a Gaming Pc with a Graphics Card. I am using this gaming pc to mine Ravencoin for many reasons. I know just one card is not enough for accumulating a lot of coin but i go by a saying which says "drops fill the bucket". I came across this coin by accident but fell in love right at that moment. In its early days it was said that this coin was CPU Mineable and it was true. A lot of people mined this coin with their CPU and Accumulated a of lot Ravencoins when the difficulty was low. Soon people started mining with their GPU Farms. This pushed up the difficulty. Right now there are so many miners that it has become to mine this coin even with GPU's.


Well I won't tell you technical details here but i will tell you this that this coin is another fork of bitcoin. Yes it is a yet another fork of bitcoin. Unlike Bcash this is a good fork which has a development team working on it. This is different from many forks in many aspects. It has no ICO, No Airdrops, No premines and No promotion either. The Developers suggest that it had a fair Launch. On top of all this, this is a ASIC resistant coin with an all new Algorithm. This is the main reason why many have picked it up.


For some weeks this coin was most profitable coin to mine. Right now its not that much profitable because too many miners have joined for mining this coin. The difficulty has shot up exponentially. It is increasing day by day. The block time for Ravencoin is 1 Minute and there are 5000 RVN in one block. In total there are 21 Billion RVN that can be mined.

With my graphics card which is AMD RX 470 i am able to mine one coin every hour. Previously i could mine 2-3 coins per hour. I am getting a hashrate of 3 to 4 Mega hashes per second. This is because there are a lot of people mining it and this number is increasing day by day.


I am mining it for the same reason many others are mining it. I could see and believe that this coin has great potential. So much good potential that i can make life time commitment to mining this coin. On coinmarketcap this coin moved from 1300+ position to 329th position within a week. The total 24 hour volume is over $100000. This coin has achieved this milestone very fast in just 2 months. Right now the price is also very low. I want to accumulate as many coins as possible until the difficulty becomes sky high.

Any Investment Plans?

Yes, i also want to invest in this coin. I am planning to do this because i know that with one graphics card i cannot accumulate a substantial amount of RAVENCOIN. I want to hold atleast a 5000 Ravencoins. I know this number is less but i could afford to lose only this much. I can't even think about losing beyond this. I am also saving to invest in steem. This is why i have to keep my Ravencoin investment in limit. Right now this is the best time to invest in Ravencoin. The price is very low. One coin just costs 0.03 dollars.


Well one thing bad about this coin is that it is a high risk and high reward coin. If you invest in it now you can take upto 100X profits. If you invest 100$ in it now then you can earn upto 10000$ or you could lose completely. Yes this is how risky the investment in this coin is. This is why one should only invest what he could afford to lose. If you can't handle the loss of 100 dollars ( if it is your investment) then don't invest in it. Yes i repeat you could lose everything you invest in this coin.


Right now this coin is only available on some obscure exchange called cripto bridge. If you want to buy you will have to sign up for this exchange. You can buy this coin with BTC and Bitshares also.

Well this is all i can say about RAVENCOIN. For more information you can always google. I would love it if you guys reply on my posts and also upvote it. Thanks for reading this long article on Ravencoin.

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I didn't know anything about Ravencoin until your post. Glad to see you are passionate about it. There are just so many coins out there that it is a really difficult decision to pick one and stick to it 🤗

Just here to share about I think a big competitor of Ravencoin. Loci, jsut sharing some ideas... https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Glc9QlvsY?fid=1034:456c984ea0753a88f46787705b3ebb69