Rat Race

in #ratrace5 years ago (edited)

Get me out of this fucking rat race
It's giving me cancer in my balls
Or maybe that's the alcohol
Just one of my pitfalls

Sucking the dick of Mr Taxman
I'm whoring myself out
Is this responsibility?
I'm consumed with self doubt

Find me a deadly weapon
Michael Douglas, Falling Down
Or smoke weed for perspective
So I don't those guns to town

Contracted to the devil
I've signed away my soul
Window shopping for a new one
Desperately clinging for control

Should have had an exit strategy
Knew I'd cock this up somehow
An oversight in hindsight
But that doesn't help me now

Get me out of this fucking rat race
Truth be told I'm going mad
It's not all that it's cracked up to be
I feel like I've been had

Get me out of this fucking rat race
I've got an incoming brain tumor
I suppose that could be the smoking
It's hard to keep a sense of humour

Get me out of this fucking rat race
Factory reset - suicide
But this is real life not software
And nowhere left to hide

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Nice work! Really captures the feeling of modern day social enslavement!

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