Raspberry Pi Freezout...still working! ;)

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There are things in the world that make you....feel that strange feeling in the bottom of your stomach.
I found mine....treating computer parts with liquid nitrogen.

Let's make em' freeeeeze!

My good old RPi B2


Changed to this in just few seconds...


"Official" temps were -10*C which are 14 degrees Fahrenheit, at first hit and -17*C [ 1,4 Farenheit ] at second. Could go lower but nitrogen went everywhere so I need to work with liquid-proofing the PCB.

Just wanted to let you know ;)
Little to do's:

  1. Waterproof!!! No more freezing white on the PCB.
  2. Maybe a little newbie tutorial?

Keep warm and see you later!

~Frozen Pi Guy

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