Raspberry Pi Rack/Blade

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Over the past few years, I have collected a number of raspberrypi computers. This growing collection has been hanging from a piece of particle board by network cables and power cables so it has looked very unorganized.

Recently, on Thingiverse I found a rackmount blade center for mounting multiple PIs.

It took about 35 hours total to print it out on the 3d printer at work but I was thrilled with the result.


cutting out the opening to mount the rack - the cut wasn't as even as I would have liked but I was in a hurry

the rack is screwed into place - all of the drawers have been removed

I love it!

All that is left is to add more PIs and start connecting power and ethernet cables!


  • I would really like to figure out some way to mount the 3 older Pi (2 and 2B) but I have not found a draw model that matches their different mounting holes yet.
  • I need to figure out some better cable management so it looks neater
  • I ran out of room on my two eight port switches (shown) so I have had to connect some of them using wifi
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so what does one do with all these pis?

like i have a thermostat-pi... a kodi-pi (media) and webserver-pi ...

i think i saw somewhere that you can parrallel compute with them.


I have never done any parrallel computing. I am using them for pi-hole dns, several wordpress sites, BBS, fossil version control repository, several mako web servers, burp backup server and a few more just to play around with. Oh, I also use 1 for syslog and another for monitoring all of them.

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Interesting. Thanks for the reply.