Women with a height of 2 meters

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With a height of up to 2 meters, Ekaterina Lisina broke the latest record for the highest model in the world. Indeed, in his own country Russia, his super tall posture for the size of a female model seems to be nothing to beat. 29 year old woman from Penza, Russia was previously better known as a former professional basketball athlete. Ekaterina Lisina won many Olympic medals to be presented to her country.

Playing for various teams in the Russian Premier League, including CSKA Moscow and Dynamo Kursk, Ekaterina also represented the Russian women's team at the 2008 Olympics, where she and her basketball team won Olympic bronze. But now he has slammed the total steering wheel to get the highest female model award after previously scoring first place in his Russian country. Even Ekaterina Lisina also hopes that Guinness World Records also takes into account the size of the foot level.


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