Will the Rapture happen in 2020?

in #rapture5 years ago

Will the rapture happen as well as a bunch of destruction in 2020? A friend of mine believes it will due to a dream/vision he had several years ago. That's the topic of discussion! I'm not a fan of "Date Setters" when it comes to the Rapture/Great Tribulation, but, regardless, there's a serious question to be asked. Do I feel I've done what Yahweh has called me and put in my heart to do before I go? I'd have to say no at this point in time. That doesn't mean I'm not ready to go at any given time, cause I am! It causes me to want to live a more intentional life, and be less wasteful with my time, which we all have a limited supply of, and can't get back once it's gone. Also, what do you fellow believers sense in your spirits about that timing?


Not so sure about 2020 and I agree that we should be date setting but I do believe that within the next 7 years we will start to see the end times picking up faster and faster. Be on the look out for them building that 3rd temple, they are already to do it they just need the temple mount. I think once we see that things will really start to get worse!

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