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As I was writing this article, I was reminded repeatedly of my humiliation and torture of my sisters, who were subjected to humiliation and humiliation on the first day of the year. Not only those who have been brutalized by human-like animals in this vile event, they have been humiliated and humiliated; Rather, the whole of Bangladesh has been humiliated. Those on the scene who played the role of silent decade, do not know how they avoid liability to the conscience? There is no doubt that so many people, who have been able to do this dirty work, have experienced many more rapes in their past lives. The men who composed this scandalous chapter also stigmatized men all over the world.

Humiliating and oppressing women is nothing new in our country. It may be said that the unforeseen and unholy incident of the first Baishakh occurred in the past. In this case, the naked image of our character is revealed in front of the world. The torture of women, the rape of women, the humiliation and abduction of women are all normal images of society. To see these things, we have fallen asleep in reading the newspaper. Many have lost the mentality of protesting against these immoral activities.
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In response to the question of why women are the cause of torture, men and women can be seen blaming each other. Men say that the rampant movements of women, nudity, and sexual desire in the media are pushing men to rape. Women are in crisis every day. The woman is trying to get away from her femininity and become a man. If a woman is a housewife, she is as attractive to men as she is an airline pilot or corporate house executive, but she is fascinated in her glory. If he displays himself attractively or appears in some way, the man will be attracted. If women use censored or perfumed objects, wear provocative, offensive and sexually provocative clothing and walk down the aisle in an unusual and unusual fashion and decoration, men will be awakened. Not surprisingly. Even after seeing all such scenes, if one does not wake up, his health will be questioned.

Women are extremely fascinated and deceived today in the slogan of modernity. Like a flute of Hamilton, a class of deceitful men are throwing women into deep dungeons. Women have lost their dignity and respect. Women today are stepping out of the lost horizon. There is no place for him to take shelter. At the turn of the road, the deceased is sitting in the throat of a deceitful limp. They want to feed the women. The bite bruise wants to suppress their lust. They want to make them lustful and lustful. Women are unable to protect themselves from their violent rage.

Women today immerse themselves in the blind imitation of Westerners. Skirts like them, mini skirts, micro skirts feel quite comfortable to show off attractive body parts. In modern furnishings, women wore fierce and sexually appealing robes, walking around the streets. When she goes out in these bizarre outfits, emerging youngsters in the neighborhood look at her, give her a baby, clap her hands, make impassioned remarks, and talk more dirtyly. Being directly attracted to immoral thoughts and actions towards women. It involves being harassed by an officer or colleague in the workplace. Even teachers and classmates are being harassed. Recently, a strange pantyhose has been created for girls by the name of 'leggings'. They are so tight with the girls' feet that their body contours are clearly visible. Seeing these, the eyes of men become lustful.

In the advertisement of the product, the way women are appearing in attractive posture, women are becoming the main product. Even in products that are not applicable to women, advertisements for women are appearing as provocative. From the cinematic heroine to the side heroine, to the dancer to the TV serial and to the drama, the way women are being presented is giving women consumerism socialists the opportunity to reach out to them. Women are being sexually appealing and enjoyable on the internet and in the media. All these are increasing the rape and sexual harassment of women. The whole blame for the increase in rape is being blamed on women. That is, women are creating opportunities for men to become dominant over them.
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The women side, on the other hand, says they can do whatever the women want. Men's mentality can be solved by solving all problems. Because an innocent child who is 4-5 years old is raped, there is nothing to show physical nudity. She too is being raped. It is understood that displaying women's nudity is not the end of rape. If men were raped because of their attraction to women, then all men in society would have been motivated by rape. That's not happening. Not all women endeavor to force themselves into want; On the contrary, very few disorderly people indulge in this heinous act. Men are the most flexible victim of lust for women because of the feminist system, feminist views and men are strong. Moreover, male rapists get courage because of the lack of proper punishment for rapists.

Commercialization of women, advertisements and events constantly motivates women to rape men presented as consumables of sexual desire. From the sale of the sim of the mobile company to the juice, pickles, cold drinks, paste of teeth, maize soap, home-made cement, cars, houses were presented to the women by advertising. To enhance the cut of the magazine, pictures of the naked body beauty model were broadcast. Moreover, the porn videos that men are spreading on the mobile Internet, many young people, from emerging to young, are also addicted to this. When they see it, the heat they feel in the body is exposed to rape. The question is who is doing these things? Men are doing these things. What is more, to say, the most highly educated people and the so-called civil society of the corporate businessmen and society of our country. So men have to take all the responsibility for rape.

Someone again thinks differently, avoiding guilt. Their ideas, social ignorance and superstition are attributed to the feudalistic system and various superstitions. Some again try to force religion with it. They tried to establish religion as a major obstacle in establishing women's rights and women's freedom. Even a concept called religious superstition, such as social prejudice, can be seen as a tendency to permeate the mind.

But, sadly, those in the society who think religion is a hindrance to women's progress and progress, but never display nude pictures of women in pornographic posters, billboards, newspaper entertainment pages, pornography, illicit love and physical relationships and free sex. Or can't be seen. On the contrary, they can be seen as poisoning the opposition's backward and progressive or fundamentalist by proclaiming progress and modernity.

Another idea, that the culture of free association between women and boys, called girls and girls, also motivates men to rape. Because every man is desperate for sexual harassment. An ugly rapist lives inside every man. Whenever he gets the chance, he exploits his energetic opportunity and becomes immersed in his true form. He is just waiting for a viable opportunity. She pretends to be a boyfriend only to satisfy her cravings from women.

In fact, rape of women is increasing day by day. One in four husbands are victimized by married women. Rape-torture is one of the main reasons that the culture of marketing of goods, especially women, has been introduced. Rape is a repulsive lipstick. When a man is strongly attracted to the opposite sex, he is motivated by rape. But the question is, do rapists get accustomed to rape by birth? Whether rapists want to be male or female, no one is born born feeling motivated by rape. Basically, the environment is tempted to offend people in terms of family status, workplace and many other things. Rape is not a normal behavior of people. It is a manifestation of abnormal behavior and disorder. It is possible for a biker to behave in a nonverbal and malicious manner just like rape.

Many progressive intellectuals think that the cause of the spread of these social disorders is illiteracy and poverty. Many again blame the lack of strict enforcement of the law at the root of these problems. Let's see where the real mystery is?

Experience shows that men are usually involved in rape. Women generally do not play the role of rapist. However, whatever happens to them is silent support for the rape or giving the male a small chance to get involved. However, women are either barred or restricted from engaging in the opposite sex directly because of creative shame, social status, family norms, etc. But men are somewhat strong, social position is strong, society is male-dominated, men are a bit rough in nature, considering the role of men as rapists. The exception is not that. However, its levels are quite low. One of the two is also unpredictable and unexpected. So, it is said that men are rapists. The question is, men are no longer born as rapists. So why are they attracted to rape?

God created women with beautiful bodybuilding. His moves, words, messages, smiles and laughter all have a fascination. So it is only natural for men to be attracted when women display their attractive things.

Who is responsible for the tendency to introduce products to women? Imam Sahib of the mosque or the regular talk on the TV talk show that the good conscience of the nation, the so-called rude people. A mobile company will draw their billboards and three girls have also been made to stand up. While the boat was bought by Alcatra, a woman was seen standing in a sexual position. Domination has entered our society in such a way that civilization is no longer a matter of civilization. What the West is sending, our children and young people are swallowing them. The way our boys and girls have evolved from the sensual and tight-knit, naked, half-naked wandering culture, has many reasons for being attracted to the opposite sex. If the female's organs are destroyed, then the man will surely be lustful. In this age of mobile internet, porn videos are a very cheap episode. For the welfare of the Internet, these young women find the destructive videos in their hands, and the heat they feel inside the body is taken to quell the rape like rape. So, no matter how much ointment is applied on the inside, the rape will not stop.

One extreme fact is that whatever method our intellectuals discover on TV-talk show, social disorder called rape will not stop. Not to be. To show one's finger for proof.

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