The sweet vengeance: an excerpt from the movie " vengeance a love story''

in rape •  last year


Vengeance, happens as a retaliation, revenge or retribution inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage. Moral injustice and violence such as rape incident leaves a devastating physical and psychological effect on the victim. When such a case is being taken to court for trial and the defendant's lawyer tries to manipulate evidence in order to pervert justice and mislead the Jury, it further dampens the victim leading to more emotional wreck and in such a situation, there is little or nothing the plaintiff lawyer could do to salvage the situation. At this point, a good hearted police officer took it upon himself to do justice which I call 'Sweet Vengeance!' He executed vengeance on the rapists and as such was able to clean up the mess. More so, made a fool out of the defendant's lawyer. Finally, the victim was able to get over the shock, got her life back and happy once again!

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