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Week 14

If you are part of the rap challenge this week submit your videos here and enter for a chance to win prizes! For those who have been with the rap challenge from the beginning, thank you for all your support. We have made Hip-Hop come alive on steemit, now let's keep on giving Hip-Hop some STEEM! Submit your videos!

Interested in joining?
Every week on Sunday I make a blog post with the beats for that week. So if you want to join the Rap Challenge just come to blog on Sunday and check the weekly rap challenge thread for the new beats.

Official Judges
@rondonson, @alao, @slickhustler007







Geechi taking it down again with his "fade to total black".

They don't think it be like it is.jpg

Dude...I'm dead.


Everybody, especially the contestants and if you're leaving a comment. Go ahead and resteem this post. This is the dopest contest on Steem right now, hands down!!

Maybe we should just make my man @geechidan a judge already😄😄😄 mans keep stealing the crown. Damn! Congrats bruv....its becoming a norm now. Lool

Lot of folks came out for this one as well... I'm just happy nobody took my crown. That was a close one.

Disappointed I didnt place in the top 6 , fairplay to all those who did though, it was well deserved. 15s a new week though! haha

I want to see you control your breathing and pronunciation. Practice walking while spitting your bars. You HAVE BARS MAN...just constructive criticism, you could easily get a 1st place.

thanks man, i appreciate the feedback big time, i will definitely work on that this week

No prob. I like a drink every now and then too. But I found out too that liquor messes with my breathing.

Make sure you resteem this post @scribblingwilly. Helps get more exposure, more rewards.

Shit is rigged bro. Thats why i stopped @Week 7

Many thanks bro. Congratulations to everyone, all the winners and salute to all the participants as well, we are elevating every week!

Congrats everyone! Dope Moves!

If you could, resteem bro. it will help all the artists involved out.

Good to see you gain bro. The hip hop corner of the Steemit map, "The cut".

Congrats everybody! I'm coming 4 yall next week damn it!

Check out my first vlog! It's called "The Art of Bars". I break down some rhymes that i wrote, so if your a hip hop head you should enjoy it. One love yall

Make sure you resteem guys. Let the community know about #rapchallenge

How do you resteem? I've never done it, but i'll definitely resteem when i know how to!

Mean flow from Geechidan! Love it

Resteem this post if you can, would help all the artists out in the future.

Thank you sir. Thanks for stopping by.

Soo the two ppl that we're late get to still join but in past contests you didn't let others enter? Can we have the rules reposted or is there no rules anymore? I KNOW I had the best submission cuz I'm better than dylon... anyway I'll take the 4th place... last thing I am is salty because I know I'm the actual best I ever seen! Top five top five top five... buuuuut for real... may I Suggest to have a crowd vote be included. I'm not the first one who has said this. There were weeks where I have seen a clear winner and they don't place. It makes the other guys who are real comp not want to do it. This isn't salty voyce I don't have that emotion this is I give a shit about this dope contest and this is what I'm hearing... People are just not as blunt as me. It's also about consistency... Several people recorded and waited to submit but there was nothing... I know you have life to deal with but imagine putting time into something waiting then posting late because the contest was late and not being able to enter. Like I said it's not me saying this I been in most weeks minus my hospital stay. You can take this advice or rant or suggestions how ever you want but this is what people are saying. I'm just the voyce in thier heads...

See y'all this week.

Dopeness! Congratulations to everyone!

Thanks hun. ;) Resteem this post to help the artists out in the future.

Great post...

Resteem if you can.

Great video, thanks

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Congrats to the winners! ^_^

Nice post I m your new follower

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