Steemit Rap Challenge Week #3-- Acid Droppin' N.M.C.

in rapchallenge •  2 years ago

Week number 3 for this rap challenge! Shout out to @rondonson for puttin' this together, mad respect. Had to grab my recording equipment from the little bro to record this one, I hope ya'll like it! ENJOY!

Rest In Peace Prodigy!

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Was I the only one who heard this?
'i can win every contest every fucking week, taking all they money I can tell they had enough of me, but fuck em we mobb deep it be survival of the fittest like havok and prodigy '
Cmon folks, this guy is murdering people on Steemit, call the police!

Another week of straight flames, good stuff!


Never nothin less

Nice record ! I just posted a french rap video and a beatbox one. :) Feel free to take a look! < Riiight Heeere >

R I D I C U L O U S!

So dope! Keep it up!

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yea man .......def my fav spitter on here


Word, thanks man!