FromLaNada / RAP CHALLENGE WEEK #25 Entry ..

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Salute to all, im new here , from venezuela
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This is my First submission into the steemit Rap Challenge hosted by @rondonson and sponsored by @kennyskitchen and @teamsteem.
So here's mine for week 25. I picked the deep cover instrumental. i just wrote what the beat transmitted .

props 2 the steemit community and everyone doing the rap challenge, just showing some love and respect to all of this .


the worlds is yours but the universe is mine
every time i kick a rhyme
all the tec-9 will shine
dark times when i spark a line

in the line of time
behind the crime scene
the prime speaks
break spines on the concrete

6 feet deep if you want beef
you can’t cheat
don’t sweet the technique
show some respect G

guns under the car seat
complete before the cops see
dead junkies all rip
props to all ma real peeps

peace to my clik
spit 2 the clit
the clock tics
bullet holes on the brick
all this rappers aint shit

we don’t quit run quick
straight to the post office
send this letter ho’s before you hit the coffin

check one two protect your neck tu y tu crew
tamos haciendo cambio e luz
es from la nada el belcebú

we ruthless who’s left
choose who’s gonna lose there breath

I’ve seen death in the pipe
of crack h and meth

respect the red code i bring from red zone
i know you snitching with the cops (wub) when you grab the phone
i know you’ve never herd this type of fucking flow before
i see you crying like a baby with a broken bone
i see you paralyze when you see me kick the flow
i see you shaking like a junkie without methadone

a int the number 1 the number 2 the number 3
i aint fuking with no numbers but this shit aint free
you feel the fever when im close and you aint peggy lee
you get the hiccup when you hit da beats thats made for me

bloody mary to marry the bloody tarantino
this beats is heavy to burry muchos rapper latino
tell your fairys im ready to kill all this vampiros
que si fuere por mi juro que no termino.