Steemit Rap Challenge #10 Entry

in rapchallenge •  2 years ago

Here is my entry for the Rap Challenge this week. Lemme know..


You wanna lay down traps? I’ll tiptoe through the teeth
And disrespect the hustle and the bustle of the streets
The fifth element, I’m elegant on any kind of beat
Benevolent delegate league of assassins pedigree
Balance - I can be an angel or a demon
I channel what comes at me, I’m like a magic mirror
Reiki or Dim Mok, courageous cavalier
Dropping YinYang bombs on ya mother fukn ears
I’m like a virtual nomad or crypto gypsy
There’s really no telling exactly where I’ll be
All four corners set up with strategic chess pieces
Color coded - war, death, famine and diseases
Apocalyptic gameplay, but they can’t see
Too consumed by bliss and the kiss of complacency
So I spit a bunch of nonsense and comment blatantly
I might as well be anonymous or fukn illuminati
But who am I…

Big thanks to @rondonson and @alao keeping this organized. We all appreciate you!


Into Karaoke? Want to give it a try??? Click or tap here to be taken to this week's entry thread!

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Your welcome. Just a little something I'm doing for the contestants this week.

This is definitely one of my favourites so far!!!! I say one of, because you know which one holds the number one spot... :)

But REALLY love this and the lyrics... as always are brilliant!!

No. 1 FAN!!! :)


Woot woot! Thank you sweets and I'm pretty sure I know which is your fav :p


me thinks so :)

Too cool!
I had to resteem it.


Thank you on both counts brosef!

You really got it that time bro!

Definitely my favorite so far!

They just keep getting better!


Thanks man! Practice makes better ;)


Always does man!

Resteemed my friend!


Thank you sweets!

I'm sending you some good vibes! ❤️


Awesome! Felt and received :)

Yea...Fire!!! "Who am I"


Ha ha! You like that? AkA Enginewitty AkA Merlyn AkA Lucky


Hellya! You went in.. bars fire!!!

You know why i like this one the best. Great job. Good vibes your way


Cuz you on it! Thanks for the clip by the way. I know it was short notice but I was that would be cool.


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i loved the rap.. .. though its a bit fast for me...!!!xD xD xD


Thanks man!

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