Rap battle one on one (can't handle me)

in rapbattle •  last year

I feel greatness runing through my veins
I don't know if its from my daddy or a result of the pains
I've been through and i've overcome
Did they make me the better one
where they the reason i won?
Without using a gun
i shot you with my words made you flee and run
But you bled disgrace
And now im following your trace
Your leading me somewhere and its getting dark
You must be a bat
But did you forget that i'm a vampire!?
I spit fire
Any second i desire
And help i don't require
When money I acquire
Pussies i devour
Even if they taste sour
Everyday and every hour
You are bound to feel my power
You can cry you can cower
You can hide in a dryer
You can scream even higher
But you'll never sound louder
Than me
And when your down on your knee
Begging me for the key to go pee
I'll be drinking my tea while watching tv
You can do it in ur pants
And your only drinking when i water the plants
I mean when i water the cactus
Its not funny its disastrous
Your imprisoned in my cage
Acting like a rabid dog on a rage
I feel sorry for you
What am i doing
It was a rap battle but its getting confusing
i just might set you free
But before i do lets agree
That your a man with no weenie
I looked under your pants and all i saw was a bush
Whats under there? Could it be a puss?
I dialled the gardener on duty
He has done this before hes no rookie
I told him to bring the chainsaw
Cuz a normal scissor wont cut through wat i saw
He trimmed his way down the forest
Only to reach a dead end honest
Theres nothing down here boss
Only two lips with some gloss
A hole in between and a hole across
May i go now and play lacrosse?
Yes you may thank you for your time
We uncovered the mystery and here's the bottom line
You are not a man
And you should understand
That i am in command
And this is my land
And i will expand
And you will demand
No mercy from my band
No help and no pity
For an ugly piggy
Who wishes he was pretty
Like a little kittie
A dyke, a transvestite
You just ruined my appetite
I was hungry now im grumpy
I eat through you like a zombie
I was calm now im jumpy
Knock your head off put a monkey
Your addicted to bull
Shit junkie..
I've had it with you man
You're going back in the van
All the way to Oman
Where you wont withstand
The temperature of the sand
In the desert where you'll stand
With no shoes and no underwear
While all the people stare
So you better beware
That if you diss me i swear
War i'll declare
And your life i wont spare

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