Lies & Indifference

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So, I was in a rap-like mood. I would've actually done the rap myself on vocal, but I'm not that good at it and I trip over my tongue whenever I try. Anyone who really knows me also knows that lies are like poison on my tongue and ears. I loathe the combustibility of lies and have a hard time even telling a lie at all, unless it's all in jest and good fun. I have certain people in my life, however unwanted, that seem to thrive on the nasty bits that get stuck in the Devil's Teeth.

This one goes out to the ones who lie.

Lies are like Poison

Lies & Indifference

I'm gonna have an audience ya see,
never glean too much from the dream
but be real in life and I'll trust the strife...
you been playin' mean.

The cream rises high to the top of the cup,
while I'm off-the-cuff and high on nothin' but lust and fantasy,
stop rubbing it in that you got the win.

It's just not true and that in itself is just a sin...
so give in to honesty when honor is the best policy.

Against all odds maybe I have a shot to take it all in
and find strange melodies that pay the fees that I'm contributin'.

Lies and awkward silences are mighty small to be hidin' in,
tell the truth ya nasty witch
and tell me just how absurd you can be
flyin' high on the way you gettin' it...
it's jus' some blatant ill portrayal of the mightiest
cryin' 'bout the laziest
when you're the craziest person that might'a been.

Way too much goadin' and supportin' the way you been,
finally I'll take it easy as I spin the words on their head, ya see,
and I'll be free to mitigate the terror that you just don't see.

When you're being mean and false to call out the stilted waltz again,
falling on the blade all hari kari-like is nothin' but a show to spin
the lies you've been weavin' end-to-end.

Why can't a single word you say concur with the meaning
that you take at face value, that you're lies are callous and indifferent.

Trust is broken to smithereens, ya know,
but feel free to find hints in anything and everything
as ya tear down walls with your very own kin.

Tellin' friends and family that you'll never lie again
only to wake the next day and start it all over again?
Why not blame them for your whole existence then?

I'm pleased as peas in a salad of greens to think of it:
a day you wake to take the time to analyze and blink again
and find sunshine is your friend once again.

But it's a trend to watch you time and again,
using yet another troubled soul that's double rolled
a Critical Fumble as their life continues to contribute to nothin' as it unfolds in the end.

You can't contain the ire and gain an inch when you're a liar,
blaming someone else is just squelching on a bet and gettin' higher...
only when they believe your betrayal is from your very own friends
will you be satisfied that all is right in your own little mind.

A dream is a dream even lies can breathe.
Take some time and take it all in.

Thank you for reading my @OriginalWork of poetic rhyme. I hope the words themselves can push the actual rhyme across... anyone who wants to do a reading of it and post it as a comment is free to do so.

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