The UK Battle-Rap scene. (Ever heard of Shotty-Horror?)

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I've been a fan of Hip-Hop for a while now and it all stems from my younger days of listening to pirate radio stations. Globe FM was one of my favourite and it's where I became familiar with Reggae Legend Buju Banton.
"Walk like a champion. Rom-poppa-pom-pom"

I was aright little rudebwoy back then. I used to were a pork-pie hat and the baggiest Joe Bloggs jeans you have ever seen. Looked a right twat, but then again who doesn't when they're 12-years-old?
After a perfecting my Buju Banton voice(which is pretty good for white-guy), I finally settled on listening to Drum 'n' Base. I've been to a few raves and if you have read any of my Science class of 1996 episodes, then you'll know how I was always up for a party. I doth my cap to anyone from the days of Mickey Finn, that is still raving today. It's a brutal pace to keep up with and I had to bow out before it lead me to the crazy-house. Fucking insane days though...

Screenshot-2018-3-14 cb4 - Google Search.png
After Billy was told to stop whizzing around and the ganja scene started to kick in, my frequency changed to what was commonly known as Rap music. It was the movie, CB4, that lit the kindling. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you give it a watch. Really rips the piss out of the US Hip-Hop scene and Chris rock is on form throughout.

So now I'm a gangsta again, albeit a plastic one, and I have returned to the scene to find a whole new crop of UK rap artist. Of coarse I have to pay my respects to Marshal Mathers. Without him and his fortunate mix of skill and pigmentation, the UK rap scene would still be broadcasting from a Ford Transit. Instead, it is bursting at the seems with talent and now "The Man" has found a pale cow to milk, all colours have a chance to showcase their talents on a much bigger stage.

>Screenshot-2018-3-14 rap battle uk - Google Search.png
A while back, I decided to dig a little deeper into the UK Hip-Hop scene. After a short search on YouTube, I came across a fella named Shotty-Horroh. Now this guy can "spit bars", as the phase goes, and he mixes it with UK and US rap-battlers.

Shotty has been around for a while now and his recent battles are just as entertaining. The dude has got some thick skin and everyone he faces spends at least one round digging up his dead Uncle. The guy gives as good as he get though and that is what draws me to this style of Hip-Hop. It is as raw as it gets and you know that you are seeing the best of the best because who else would try this? If you slip-up once, you're gonna get ripped up in front of everyone.

Keep your cool and wait for your turn, this is the way of the rap-battle warriors...

Now before I end this post, I have to leave you with a few of the greatest battles on-line(In my opinion).

I will put them in order of which I think is best, but please stay to watch this first video. Both rappers tears shreds off each other and I haven't found a battle that beats this one yet. See what you think and drop me a comment in the reply section if you have any battles that deserve a mention.

I would like to connect with the Hip-Hop crowd on steemit and I know you are out there. So drop me a link or come see me on the PAL discord channel. They have a designated chat-room, named "rap-battles", where steemians can post their latest battle-raps. It seems there is plenty of talent on there but I have yet to connect with any of them. If anyone knows of any profiles that will point me in the right direction, please leave me a link. Any help is much appreciated.

To show willing intent, I have decided to have a go at writing my own lyrics. I enjoy angry-rap so that is the style I have chose to write about. It seemed wise to write about something I related to and although this is highly exaggerated, I stand by it's sentiments. You have been warned, 'heyby' ;)

1 girl in my life, I keep that to a minimal
You come for my heart, turn me to a criminal.
Do time for this rhyme. I'll cutcha balls off.
Put you in the trunk, after grabbin a sawn-off.
You think farmers don't shoot? Boy you ain't been listenin.
What's that you squeelin? "You ain't been to a christening"
You chose this path when you raised your hand.
That girl is my princess. You going in the sand!
Drugged up, fucked up. I don't care. But you touch her face... Fuck! Try harm a hair.
You dumb-fucked now. I'm saving the future.
Erase your shit and strap me in the suit yeah.
Now strap that shit tightly, I ain't done by a long shot. No, not you. Your getting a short shock.
But I'll leave ya breathin, I might let you dig. Shit get out the trunk. We're here, meet the pigs!
You heard the word nemesis? You wife beatin fuck?!
Farmer Johns spilling your blood-Slice- look!

Here are my favourite battles from the UK scene.(Although the first vid was a battle held in Toronto, Canada.)

King of the Dot Fingaz vs Shotty-Horroh

Look past the anger and listen to the lyrics. These guys are viscous but it is only word folks. Enjoy!

Don't Flop Entertainment - Shotty-Horroh vs Arsonal

This battle gets very heated and Arsonal is well-known for being a cunt. Still got to respect his skills.

Don't Flop Entertainment - Math Hoffa vs Shotty Horroh (I did say he was my favourite)


Picture sourced from:

Rap face-off

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nice post and nice videos, keep it up, Thanks for Sharing.

I'm close to the battle rap scene. Shotty is a beast for sure.


Hi, thanks for commenting. I found shotty vids about a year ago and totally agree, the lads got skills.
Are there any more like him? I'm well out of the loop but like the music(some of it). I get the feeling there is a lot better on offer than what we get on tv.


@article61 Are you on Twitter? If you go on my page again, my profile has my twitter link. On my twitter page, you'll see I've reposted some tweets from "The Goat God" (that is xceldakid on twitter) If you look through his work, he's really good. And he is a good friend of Shotty Horror personally. If you follow both of them on versetracker site, they both battle some really skilled battlers in their portfolios- some even underground and unknown but highly skilled.

If you do go on twitter, drop me a @ reply shoutout and I'll give you a shout out. :P


Lol, if only I had time... I've not got an account but I'm gonna check out versetracker. Glad to hear that shotty is still going. thanks for you help :)


Hi there @omitaylor Just thought I would let you know that I have wrote another post and set a little challenge. If you or anyone else you know would like to accept the challengr that would be cool.