Missing the point of insurance....

in #rantlast year

So several mobile games I play have things where you watch a short ad to get extras in the game and one I've been seeing recently is for a car insurance company that says they don't insure bad drivers, so people who are insured with them save up to 52% on their car insurance.

All I can do is sit here and just.....want to scream. You're fucking literally missing the point of car insurance (or any insurance, for that matter) by doing this.

For those who don't know, my mom was an insurance agent so insurance works like this; you pay a set amount per month, let's say for simplicity sake it's $100. Now let's say you have 100 people insured with the same company all also paying $100 per month, so the 'pool' of money is now $10,000 per month. Some has to be taken out to pay the people working for the company, but in theory most of the money sits in reserve so when someone has a car accident (for car insurance) there is money there to pay for the repairs and other costs that otherwise would entirely fall on the person who often can't afford such a chunk of money all at once.

In modern (capitalist) times it's become popular to raise the rates each person pays per month based on how many accidents happen/people need to be paid out of the insurance pool. But this is primarily because the upper people like the CEO of the company are being allowed to pay themselves way too much so there isn't as big of a pool for the employees to be paid from or to pay out insurance claims.

So these companies that are marketing to refusing to insure bad drivers are basically making themselves more profit while not pissing off their customers. They can make just as much but don't have to pay out from the pool as much every month because the people they're insuring aren't getting into accidents. It's like health insurance companies lowering your individual rates if you're lucky enough to never get sick (or, as is more often the case, can't afford medical treatment even with what little the insurance may or may not decide to cover so they just don't get the treatment they need and get the 'benefit' of not paying as much per month for something they're required to have but can't actually use) and the homeowners/renters insurance that refuse to insure people living in certain places/driving the prices sky high but refusing to acknowledge that many of the people they're not insuring for one reason or another don't have the money to move elsewhere.

One more reason I really hate our country. No one is doing anything about this, so a lot of people go uninsured and just pray they'll never need it (or in the case of health insurance just plain don't go see a health care professional) because they know they can't afford it. It's missing the point of having insurance in the first place, you know?