The media is race-baiting again.

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Get ready for this one if it hasn't already hit your FB feeds because it is coming. Most people aren't even bothering to put any context to the image anymore, or even read the details behind the situation. They are simply outraged for the sake of being outraged and well, i suppose that is what is popular in USA at the moment.


The headline is "Photo of Mounted Police Leading Black Man by a Rope Prompts Outrage."

It is very easy for me to understand why that would be the case but here is something that all the race-baiting outlets are going to leave out.

This is exactly what the protocol for transporting someone who has just been arrested by a mounted unit actually is. Think about it: What are the officers supposed to do? Abandon the horse and walk with him? Are they supposed to let him ride on the back of the horse so he can fall off and sue the police department after he cracks his head on the pavement? Are they supposed to lie him across the back of the horse face down like they had recently conquered his village and are taking him prisoner? Are they suppose to just trust that he isn't going to run off if they have him follow the horse?

How about if he wasn't tethered to a rope? Would that make people happy? I don't think so because no one seems to be at all concerned about the fact that this person, Donald Neely, was in the process of committing a crime... but that doesn't matter because: Feelings.

Some people who love to find fault in anything police do have said "they should have waited for a transport vehicle!" Which is all fine and dandy and yes, I agree with you. However, the friggin reason why the mounted unit was used in the damn first place is because of the terrain where the guy was apprehended being inaccessible for vehicles.

People are saying that this "wouldn't have happened if he had been white." This is pure speculation and race-baiting. This is the official policy for mounted units all over the United States when apprehending a suspect - race is not a part of it. It is also worth noting that the officers both had body cameras activated during the arrest and there was nothing untowards about what they did. I suppose it depends on whether or not you think "criminal trespass" should be a crime or not. It is worth noting that Mr. Neely had been warned several times about trespassing at this specific location on previous dates.

Maybe the police should abandon their protocols any time a suspect is a minority, perhaps that would appease the outrage mob that will forget this even happened in a few days. I know that it wouldn't appease the perpetually offended in the world or the media.... they would simply move the goal posts because in the absence of actual racism they need to create some in order to sustain their dying industry. I'm quite certain that The Young Turks will dedicate an hour of commentary to this.

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It looks really hard but if the police catch a white guy like that nobody would talk about it. Thats my opinion.

and you would be correct

I saw this article. I didn't read it. I continued on :) It is getting pretty out of hand these days. Personally I am outraged by the outrage that others are experiencing.

With the mass media you can control societies and make what you want to believe them. The Young Turks is a series? Never heard.

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I think it is better if you have never heard of The Young Turks. They are a trash news outlet that presents pure speculation as fact while editing out all information that points to the opposite of their opinion.

not having police on horses would be my idea

I suppose they have their reasons for doing this. I'm not gonna pretend to know what it is, maybe because it can jump over a ledge if necessary and i guess an ATV couldn't do that. I dunno.

because cowboys?

I dont want to start a race thing but getting dragged down like this should not be legal for any race. Reminds me of the game of thrones shame thing.

if only they had a bell with them.

actually that would be hilarious :-)

Horse police is apperantly used a lot for crowd control

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Right on!

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