Do You Ever Get The Feeling? This Is A Rant!

in rant •  6 months ago

Do you ever get the feeling that you are doing something that life or karma or something does not want you to do or succeed at? That is the point I am at right now. We have been putting everything into getting our homestead built and every time we turn around something is standing in the way. This is not going to be a post with pictures or mems or anything like that just some thoughts and venting.

We looked a while for a place we could do what we wanted to do, in terms of animals, building and other things that will be a hindrance to building a homestead. The government is not giving us grief here, it is our vehicles. We have older vehicles as in 2003 and 2002 model year vehicles. We maintain them and keep on top of the things we need to do to them to make them dependable. If not one thing it is another with them. It is my body telling me to stop but I cannot as if I do things will not get done as I have to do these things to succeed. Not having been born with a silver spoon in my mouth (born into a family with money) and being a disabled vet, I only have so much money to work with. I use some of the rewards here to help as that is why I do not use YouTube and other social media sites because of the inability to earn from those platforms because of the rule changes and the censorship on them.

Last year my wife's van had the motor blow up in it just out of the blue. Now we were coming home last night and my van just started losing power when accelerating. We had to put off starting our AirCrete testing and a couple of other things to get some maintenance done on my van last week, now it starts this!

I am beginning to wonder if we were meant to start a homestead and try to be more reliable on ourselves for food, storing food for long-term use. eating healthier and building to cut back on our power consumption. I knew homesteading itself was not an easy task but with everything else thrown into it, it just seems impossible now. I will not quit trying and will strive to move forward.

This is just a rant to get some things off of my chest, I guess as sometimes it is needed to help move forward. I see so many posts here on Steemit making great rewards and I try to put out great ideas and things to help others and it is really discouraging to spend the time and make posts and hope for a great reward in the end. I worked hard to build my SP up to be able to upvote others and it seems the channels you help grow by upvoting and commenting just sit back and really do nothing but collect upvotes from their supporters but never support their supporters with the same. I see this with several of the accounts that joined close to the same time that I did. I see Steemit becoming another YouTube with the way it is going at this present time, the big accounts running over small accounts and making their posts not seen or to many big accounts being greedy.

People say become part of a community, it will help with upvotes and other things here on Steemit. I have seen a couple of communities keep that idea up but then most of them become a tight group of people and you are just a number in the community because you are not in the "click" of the community. I am done ranting and bitching, sorry I just had to clear my head and vent so you are the people I vent too. Have a great day!

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I am sorry that you are having difficulties with homesteading and health. But dont give up now, I hope this difficulties are just big bumps on the road. As to steemit, just be consistent on posting. Thats what I am doing nowadays. It is hard to come up with article sometimes and im not affiliated with others so its really hard but keep on posting.


I am trying but when everything is so negative it is hard to do.

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You are not alone in your observations or struggles. We also feel like we are climbing hurdle after hurdle in life. Whether it's vehicles, permits, or a surprise second baby (twins). We keep reminding ourselves to step back, take a breath and continue the journey. Matt stopped believing in Karma, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that our good deeds will come back around. We have had the people in our life rally for us and I believe part of that is our good karma. As for the steemians who focus solely on their own growth and neglect their supporters, we have cut a few loose ourselves. Let them go and keep building relationships with the people who are here to build each other up. They're out there, we just have to find each other. We are wishing you nothing but the best and hope life takes a turn for the better for you and your family. -Aimee


Thanks! I try to help people all the time, people broke down and needing help, etc. I am always wondering what I did to have all the bad karma. It is plain discouraging! I have cut some loose myself and will continue to not support the ones that will not upvote, comment on my posts. There are many that upvote with no comment and I check who has voted on my posts and that will be who I support because they support me in my endeavors. There are some good people out there it is just hard to find them as they are drowned out by all the crap on Steemit. Best wishes to you and your family also.

I completely get your rant. Happens daily here. We are a disabled vet and I am disabled with chronic Lyme disease. Our vehicles are a 2003 Subaru with 225,000 on it and that is a recent upgrade from the 2000 Subaru with 336,000 that we just retired as a parts car for the 2003. The truck is a 1986 F250. I know one is a FORD (fix or repair daily), but the Subaru?

We do our homestead on the single disability income from my husband. It's always rob Peter to pay Paul around here. We've been doing it for 20 years...

We do all the work here ourselves, can't afford to pay anyone. He keeps all the vehicles running, does all repairs, builds all new infrastructure, does lots of the animal chores. He DOESN'T do gardens. :))

It always seems like an uphill battle, but sometimes we win.... That makes it worth it!


I really try to do the work myself on the vehicles but it always seems my PTSD gets the better of me and I break a windshield. It is hard to stay bent over for a long time with chronic back and neck problems and my poor knees are just shot. I am so tired of this miserable life of pain I have. It is just so overwhelming at times. I know I am preaching to the choir. LOL. If it was not for certain things in my life I do not think I would still be here.

I feel you brother. I did upvote 100% and resteem. Just keep moving. Love you brother.


Thanks, brother! There is always tomorrow and it hopefully gets better. One day at a time, right?

I feel ya, life can just suck major! I try and remember it could always be worse. What’s the worst it could be, and then I am thankful it isn’t that bad. You just have to peck away at the problems slowly. Because if you hit them head on it will knock you on your ass with a ton of stress.


I know and the stress gets me every time. I always run straight into it and never just try to go a little at a time.

Unfortunately I can't upvote since it's 12 hours before your payout. We feel like that all the time. Not necessarily homesteading specifically but we always have unexpected expenses come up that set us back. I'm learning to accept it as part of life knowing that we can still feed ourselves and we will have the opportunity to keep moving forward. Would it be worth it if we didn't struggle to get there? We had one week we lost 4 animals all to different things it was disheartening. That all goes away when make it just one step further. Keep on keeping on!!


Yes, it has been a difficult week or two. I just get aggravated at things most of the time, really when you are trying so hard to do something and pushing to get that done and something breaks the rhythm of what you are doing. Really bad when you have no backup for other problems that may come up because of the way things are. The struggle I guess is what keeps many of us going. Thanks and have a great day!


I hope it gets better! I try to sit back and enjoy the things I have accomplished occasionally. Plus I really enjoy walking around our garden. There is something new to discover almost every day since we're growing so many new plants this year!

Good rant.
I feel the same about the communities... I am a ‘number’ in most I have joined, I just don’t click.
Its probably because I don’t always post the same subject so I am not tight in any of the communities.
I post a lil bit of everyday living in the north, gardening(first-timer), fishing, cabin building, landscaping/yardwork, some outdoor/wildlife photography, hunting, quadding, broken things and fixing up the broken stuff etc...feel free to pop by my page and check out a few of my posts.
I upvoted ya and I will be back to view more of your posts. :)
Have a great day!


Thanks! I find it that this is the way it happens, If you do not just post one subject or are able to tie everything to that one subject, they seem to forget about your posts and they dissappear in the forest of posts.

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Understandable rant! Keep moving forward!

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