A quick rant.

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In my opinion.. The president(And the two party system in general) is a polarizing scapegoat, a symbol to point your frustrations at whether you fall on the right or left half. Meanwhile, the more accurate description of how power works in our government involves many different interests and many names most people will never know, in addition to secret societies and groups of people who join together for their own power while excluding most others for whatever reasons.

All the while the public image that is put on gives an impression of hokey doke, and just about everything is transparent and people are just incompetent and stupid and wasteful, and it's just human nature as opposed to a fucking gigantic incredible conspiracy that is so megalithic in it's scope it's difficult for the average person to really even begin to try to conceptualize or quantify.

It's difficult for the average person to realize there's pretty much a conspiracy against almost everyone outside of the most rich, powerful, influential and wealthy, it's difficult to see all these people they grew up loving in entertainment whether music, or movies, or video games or whatever and find out that these people are more often than is comfortable part of some secret web that is actually putting out certain messages for other reasons than just artistic or educational... But are which frequently methods of indoctrination and brainwashing and literal hypnotism.

So.. How to break the spell? Good question.. Especially as an average person with not much influence. I don't have an answer. I'm still battling with it. My only answer so far is to talk to others and share information and make art that helps convey information as well.

And it does seem like more and more people are waking up to some of these kinds of things, and it seems like it's only a matter of time given peoples access to technology and the rate at which it is expanding. However. No need in my opinion to.. Just expect someone else to do it. I think we all have something valuable to offer, and I'll try to offer whatever valuable I can think of.. Instead of just expecting others to do it.

Hopefully things get better.. I am optimistic and have hope.. Though.. The world is possibly more fucked up than ever, and it's possibly more grim than ever.. Much of the population seems to be getting stupider despite the improving technology and sometimes it seems like an idiocracy world.. I feel like it could go either way still. I still feel like government(secret societies) could develop enough technology to.. Empower themselves to the point of rendering the rest of us obsolete.

They have the nuclear weapons and satellites and high powered drones and jets and subs and tanks and on and on and even tons of classified stuff we know nothing or very little about.. How could we ever expect to turn the tides? It feels like the Terminator movie or The Matrix sometimes.. Like it seems impossible..

How do we ever get a powerful enough message to those in power who don't want to give up their power and likely won't give it up without a fight? Sigh..

I dunno. This is a question I may ponder my entire life, if we don't extinct ourselves first. Just had a bunch of thoughts again after posting my short film again and I wanted to get that out. Rant over. As usual, if you happened to read that, feel free to chime in if you want.

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I feel that there are lots of work of fiction that tries to expose everything that happens in the world, but does it in a subtle kind of way.

People tend to overlook it because they are in it for the entertainment purposes. I see lots of video games, books, etc. trying to speak truth to everyone, but many will just write it off as conspiracy.

I feel if you want to get messages out there, we have to do it in a subtle way, but having an impact as well. That probably sounds weird, but that's what I'm trying to do.


Interesting thoughts! Thanks for sharing.. I think what you're kinda trying to say is like.. Use the same kind of techniques the elites are using to hypnotize people, except hypnotize them in a way that helps educate them to the hypnotizing that's going on so to speak, hopfully that made sense. Heh..

But.. I have similar thoughts and I kinda liken it to.. Casting a spell. The elite cast their spells on people, so.. I should try to cast my own spell back.. However.. I wouldn't say my kind of spell is indoctrination or brain washing like much of theirs is.. I just want people to wake up from the spell, I don't want to tell them what to think.. Just to think more about all these kinds of things.

And I do think you're definitely right in some aspects.. And.. That some of the artwork we see is probably people doing it in a subtle sense.. Some may even be trying to warn us as opposed to part of the conspiracy when it seems like they are part of it..

Anyways.. Can I ask specifically what you mean when you said at the end that that's what you're trying to do?
Do you create art with a message as well or something like that?


Yes, I agree! Sorry for the late response, but yes! I'm trying to create art that speaks truth, and true to make people wake up.

When I say art, I mean writing, drawing and more.

I want to create a movie that really speaks the message I'm trying to clarify. I know most people are into movies, so if they see it, they'll probably start thinking.


No worries.. I tend to get back to messages later than I used to things are so overwhelming, so I understand. It's a busy world! Do you share your art here on steemit? I feel like I should go over to your page and look through it a bit and see.

What specifically would your movie be about? I did the same thing recently and even mentioned my short film in this status update near the end.. Since I shared the movie again yesterday.. I didn't get much of a response here on steemit.. But on Facebook where I have a decent following.. I got a ton of amazing feedback and even people saying they changed their lives after watching it.. So.. I would totally encourage you to pursue that if that's something you're interested in.. Movies are powerful and it's where most get their information it seems.. Or TV or something visual like that.. So Yeah.. I'd be happy to talk about the subject more with you. I'm a movie maker myself as I kind of mentioned, though.. I'm still pretty new at it!


The latest books by John le Carré are an example, they are not just good reads, but also expose many of the more shady things going on.


Thanks for the tip! Will put that on my list.