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I don't know about you guys, but it's getting kind of annoying to try and explain downvotes to each and every person who feels they are used unfairly. One thing I've attempted to do on Steem ever since the day I joined was to focus on my account and persona I have here. I didn't care to start building my account on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or any other decentralized alternatives at the time, the latter mostly cause they were all a joke and died off faster than some steem-engine tokens have. I could try and tell you that I wasn't just try-harding to get rich quick, let you know that I mostly focused on commenting and raising interaction while curating with a trail before delegations existed without trying to grow my stake, but I'd me lying if it didn't have anything with the earning aspect to do. Most of us here are because of that and only a fraction are here for the other advantages this blockchain provides.

I could have easily pumped out 1-2 "quality" posts per day and the community was rather small at the time (yes even smaller than now) and receiving votes on good posts was not as hard if you knew who to talk to or where to go, many users knew while many others never figured it out. I'm not saying I occasionally didn't ask for votes, I think we were all there at one point where we were either fascinated with Steem or the way it worked and over-excited until reality hit that curation was not that great and most content got ignored which lead you to look into other ways to get the attention or votes you believed you deserved. It just didn't feel right and after some time I went back to the "long term" mindset of thinking "I'll get there eventually" or "my efforts will be rewarded at some point" and continued raising interaction while curating.

I kinda started to like the long term mindset, come 2017 and delegations arrived and a lot of investors and older users who had been following my trail decided to reward my efforts with delegation and I saw my account grow fast. The all time high came quick and even though in hindsight it would have not just been good for myself to sell most of my stake but also for the platform cause I would be curating with a lot more now, but I decided not to because I got comfortable with the way things were and how they were growing. I'm probably not the only one who didn't expect the bear market to hit this hard, especially a project like Steem which seemed different in so many ways compared to the rest of vaporware and old and rusty tech out there. It did though, but I'm not one to be filled with regret and let it eat me up. Throughout my journey in the cryptoworld it has happened more times than I can count and you just get jaded to it at some point. I am still way more thankful at what Steem has allowed me to do and work on the past 3.5 years than the way the markets have burned me and it is something that is keeping me going to this day.

Most of the things that have happened on Steem, are happening today and will happen in the near future are in my eyes as small as when you look at the chart of bitcoin pre 2017 and compare it to where its at today. Steem will be recycled in users so many times either through distribution of stake through voting or through the markets that 90% of the authors we remember as active participants today may not be in the next couple years, similar to how 90% of the active users that were active two years ago have disappeared as well. Now why am I saying this.

At a certain point you also get jaded to all the people trying to justify their use of profitable bid bots, their arguments why they are special and should not be receiving downvotes for it. Their understanding that we won't remove the downvotes and them switching to the offensive. It's a cycle you've seen happen way too many times, either by downvoting profitable bid bot votes with @ocdb or just downvoting cause you disagree with the rewards with your personal accounts. At this point I honestly don't care anymore what people think or don't think that we do or our intentions behind it. If they think we get off on downvoting posts and being all "dictators" then I guess the wisdom of the crowd has to judge it and so far they are still in the minority. At certain times it feels like it's something I really don't want to deal with, especially since there is so much to do on Steem and left to be done. So much still my own project has yet to get going, so many new things showing an opportunity to be worked on and all this complaining and nagging and retaliating, etc is nothing more than a waste of time on my end. So much so that some days I even consider not using the downvotes at all and just focus on my own things, so I kind of understand those curation projects and users that never dug into this.

At the same time though I feel that if we don't use our downvotes to either discourage users from using profitable bid bot votes to instead get curation or downvote certain high earning users I disagree with which brings back rewards to the pool - I'd be doing Steem a disservice. Especially the long term Steem I still have somewhere in my head of what I would like it to look like in the future when our current userbase is just a vague memory of what it was like and who they were. I feel like this is just some of that dirty work that needs to get done but most users don't want to do.

Does anyone care that their toilet is working properly because a plumber did a good job with laying pipes, is it something they think about each time they take a dump? No of course not. In comparison to the plumber these posts could be considered as the plumber calling you up once a week and reminding you of the good work he did and you should be thankful of it. So while I am getting as sick of these posts talking about downvotes as you are and at the same time as I am about discussing each and every downvote, I think it's time to end these discussions, explanations and endless conversations and either ignore or come to terms that this is just something that exists on Steem now. Some users will downvote you because of your rewards, some will downvote you because of your religion - at the same time some others may reward you because of your now downvoted rewards or because they share the same religion as you or just don't believe downvotes should occur due to that. You can't call something centralized when the new rules are there for everybody, it's still decentralized and there for anyone to play according to those rules. Calling voting trails for centralized is also kind of dumb, it's like saying "oh man, Christianity is centralizing religion in the U.S", didn't mean to make so many religious references in such a short time span but maybe you get what I'm saying. Trailing is something people do if they agree or don't agree with the way that project uses it's upvotes and downvotes but it has nothing to do with decentralization. There are bitcoin mining pools close to 50% of hashpower so in comparison an account would need to have 160 million SP in stake or be in control of for it to even be considered centralized.

All in all, I'm done ranting about downvotes and expect me to ignore most of the complaints about our downvotes with ocdb the same way I'm ignoring people downvoting me based on them. Equally I'm also going to continue not voicing my opinion on downvotes cast on my own account or others I feel are receiving them unfairly but will do my best to counter them with my own account when I see them in moderation. Instead I'm going to put most of my focus on what I believe does the most for Steem in the long term, same way I believe I've been attempting throughout my past history on here to build and grow the userbase and make them see what I see of the potential of this place and the freedom it can give users with the rewards being the bonus on top of it all.

Damn, feels like I could be writing about this endlessly but I realize there are not many reading posts nowadays as much so if some of you made it all the way down here I really appreciate you still taking the time. Maybe more another time, for now let's get back to building.

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You broke my internet.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 17.38.55.png

LOL I was about to say the same thing wth.

And for those that can't read what it says (like me xD):

  • i-havent-checked-on-my-se-tokens-in-forever-how-are-they-doing-btw

  • woah-i-really-thought-that-last-tag-would-hit--the-limit-but-guess-its-a-bit-longer------than-that-so-im-testing-it-now-to-see-how-long-it-can-get-am-i-breaking-things-dunno-what-is-going-on-why-is-this-not-ending-can-anyone-even-read-this-wtf-ok-im-done-this-is-stupid

Turing level of decryption skillZ

lol next time I'll just write the post in a tag

Depending on which frontend you use, you could then add the content of 10 posts in 10 tags and only 'post' once, so people don't have to spend all their downvote power :-)



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overflow:hidden is beautiful.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the above means. Clearly the designer of Steemit didn’t either.

Lol! I used to do margin-left: 15px; for money, maybe I should offer Steemit, Inc some help :D


Is that in the middle Doofus Rick?

Nice one, have a !BEER with me

No, those are the Three Stooges. But, I can see the resemblance.


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Hey @geekgirl, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Being silent and passive is easy. Actually it also happens to be my biggest issue with a lot of people. They don't know when to stand for what is right.

Explain when you feel like it. There are a lot of broken records on steem, ignore them. They need to learn how to use google since its not like your comments or posts disappear on the blockchain.

I'll admit I read the first tag but not the second one.



Nice Rant!



I really appreciate you, and everyone else actually trying to build this platform, do good with different kinds of projects and make Steemit work in the long term. I could never have the patience to deal with us normies being butthurt and asking stupid questions every day of every week.


New trending tag?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

plus new community and new smt

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

90% of the authors we remember as active participants today may not be in the next couple years, similar to how 90% of the active users that were active two years ago have disappeared as well.

Wow 😮. The message here is strong.

I don't really care about the downvote or flag wars going on. I know with time, we'll get past this stage. So just focus on what you're doing and ignore.

And that tag is f*cking long😂

Acid, man, can you stream again? These people are white noise, I’m on my STEEM engine, and growing’s my only fuel. I take photos, write in circles, and walk in ‘em too. We cannot allow these retardants to slow the progress we’re making, absolutely not. Besides, are these people really on this platform for us? No! So we’re definitely not here for them — let them rage against the machine, and we’ll do our thing. You may not dig it, but I think you should stream Overwatch. Can’t stand CS:GO, though you’re the one who got me interested in the first place.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

I've been advising posting your guidelines for flags and then reference people to that.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Then there will be endless debates and complaints: 1) whether the guidelines are "right", and 2) whether the guidelines are being correctly applied in a particular case.

Just accept that downvotes, like upvotes, are subjective and arbitrary.

I do feel that in the specific case where an organized voting/curation initiative feels the need to publish specific upvoting guidelines, it may, by similar logic, publish downvoting guidelines. But the above applies in general to most voters. Or adopt the neutral/subjective guideline:

"If I believe the payout is too low I will upvote and if I believe it is too high I will downvote"

I love that I have to side scroll and the screen ends :D

Do what you do... fuck them.

I was going to say the same as the last line but thought I would check that no-one else had :0D

I second this!

"Good enough for seconds"

I should make this my profile tagline and remove;

"Couldn't even make it to the end"

poetic swearwords - how unexpected - I like it

So, what's the goal here Acid?

Downvote every Tom, Bob, and Dick buying a vote or are we actually looking at their content?

Damn, feels like I could be writing about this endlessly but I realize there are not many reading posts nowadays

Heh, that's actually ironic.

Goal is to get bid bots to sell votes that are not profitable and curate when there is no demand for promotion that costs.

We do mind content but a profitable vote is a profitable vote which undermines everything else the EIP stands for and endangers proof of brain if kept unchecked.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

The only votes that are not profitable are those that aren't subsidized to the immediate benefit of either the buyer or the seller by the reward pool (i.e. at a minimum, donate 100% to null/dao or the like). These are few and far between.

That summed it up pretty well.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

Lel, I read the tag, now give me my 15 seconds back. Ok, kiddings aside, it's quite funny how people are raising their arms for "centralized authority", the biggest account is @steem (I think), but it isn't even voting, exactly to avoid such claims. Some just like to yell, I'd be a bit more considerate with my actions though, this is a public blockchain afterall. Freedom comes with responsibility over your own actions, deal with it.

Hey @acidyo, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Nice tag.

thx i try

It's pretty simple, when a company has to give away FREE downvotes something is really fucked up with their system and that honestly is the dumbest way to counter that issue.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

Thanks for sharing this..
What if u just copy n paste a standard comment on posts u downvote (at least the big ones).. explaining why they received one.. some folk genuinely have no clue whats going on, and it helps others understand who are reading it why its been downvoted...


We have done that as well and I have to admit that a good amount of people are understanding and promise to change their ways - it's the minority that aren't who like to go crazy and take up 10-50x more time than what is needed and go on the offensive, threaten to leave and all that nice stuff.

Look at nosdos for instance, received a 1% downvote from @ocdb on his dog charity posts because there was a profitable bid bot vote on it and instead of just not purchasing bids or telling his readers to donate directly instead he went full dumbass with accusations, defending and now just editing out all his posts, leaving the platform while spam downvoting all of my comments. There are plenty of others who are now following me around in discords and even reddit and other platforms bringing this shit up in posts where I'm trying to tell people about Steem. It does not help.

Oh crap! I was hoping that kind of thing wouldnt happen.. i didnt see much of it... yeah i can understand that is a royal pain in the backside.. i guess it was inevitable... ive had a few of these types hounding me over the years, luckily they all left eventually!

Yep, ignoring them works most of the time. It's just something that needs to be done, luckily I don't care much about my post rewards as they obviously seem to. :)

Nice explanation, but I can´t agree with you in this point

You can't call something centralized when the new rules are there for everybody, it's still decentralized and there for anyone to play according to those rules.

...yes its still there for all !
but to get things in the right direction it needs a lot (or all) small accounts or some more powerful accounts and this will lead to some kind of control over what´s right and what´s wrong.
And also there are not the same chances for all of us because with millions of SP in the back you can demand and control actions on the chain, and you can´t argue against that.
There is still not something like fairness or equality of all steemians, actually the control is in hands from not more as 10 accounts so where is there the same chance to act here without getting flaggt if somebody with more power means its not what meets the rules (his rules probably) ?

How to get these big guys away from abuse their power, with a downvote from a normal account?
You kidding same rules but not same effect, first of all this don´t bother´s him and even don´t effect their accounts, second they will send hundred of downvotes to your account.

Again where is the same chance ?

I will tell you there is no chance to go against that and therefore there will be a lot of abuse on some of this accounts what I reffer to, with just a few guys from the top 4 to 15 SP-holders you can do everything what you want to do on steemit like in the past.

I´m not against the downvotes and maybe its helping to deal with a part of our problems, but I´m against the form this thing is brought to the community and handled now from guys like OCDB and others because you can abuse your power and nobody can do anything against it unless he hasn´t more than 4.5 Mio SP on his account.

So at present time an account with a high SP can still do what he likes to do, and the crowd couldn´t stop that, just a few small accounts can do so but they had to be aware that possibly this is an account which delegates to them, and know we get what in my life is named a conflict of interest what happened afterwards is easy to imagine ;)

That´s is still not the holy grail we were looking for !

sunny greetings from the andalusian
Don T

I DON'T see your text, must be hidden

rants aside, I never knew tag can be this long

guess busy.org makes it possible


90% of the authors we remember as active participants today may not be in the next couple years

So you think mass adoption is going to happen?

Even if it doesn't that statement could still be true :P

i agree with that, stake holders change, power moves, people buy and sell, some leave some come...

Talking about DVs, lets be honest proof of brain concept still haven’t achieved, trending articles don’t seem persuading enough for the investors that got downvoted, that’s why they don’t aggree, they still make (maybe average) posts, the reason is of course being a lot of SP held by individuals aren’t used for real curation yet. But I can’t say I’m totally agreed with ocd current curation strategy either. Curators are human, I hope over time they get better and more professional.

Good luck

What exactly do you disagree with OCD's curation?

oh.. after checking ocd voting chart from the last 14 days, I figured my impression was a bit outdated maybe, as I still remember seeing ocd curators taking over the top 30 payout ranking right after HF21/22. Sure curators make a lot of efforts their work deserve some support, but it wasn't sustainable just by rewarding them with steem payout imho. But seems gets better when I look at the chart now. (sorry for the late reply btw)

I think you should create a MELTDOWN token. Get @tarazkp involved too, he had some choice thoughts on the topic as well.

Btw don’t forget the meltdown-aggregator bot account which resteems all rewarded meltdowns so us 🍿 lovers can focus on the temperature of the butter rather than need to first find it.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I'm gonna centralize the distribtution of MELTDOWN

Why not create a CRYBABY token? That would be a token everyone would like to get rid of if credited to them in large quantities. On Steem, transfers are permissionless in the sense that you can't do anything to prevent anyone from transferring any token into your account. I'm actually surprised that this idea hasn't caught on. Perhaps a ransom market could emerge where people pay others in valuable tokens to prevent others from bombarding them with ASSWIPE tokens or something. :) (It should be noted, though, that depending on the name of the token, that could expose the sender to the risk of a libel charge.)

With condenser profile integration?

...by markkujantunen (73) (42 CRYBABY)(17 MELTDOWN)

Man someone needs to do this, also just remove the normal rep to leave more room for (69 COMPLAINTS) (45 JEALOUS DOWNVOTES) (502 COMMENT SELFVOTES) (88 VOTE TRADES)

Don’t forget (33 RAGEQUIT).

I have yet to earn one of those tokens, been close many times tho. :D


Gamification. Steem as RPG. :D

PS: Y’all are trigger stacking ASSWIPEs. Love it.

Yep. Have we come up with another use case for the SMT or the SE token protocols?

You could do some serious damage by whacking people with the right tokens. :)

I think DRAMA token started it. But right now I just thought about taking bets on how many RAGEQUIT threats every day would cause.

Finally a fun betting dapp.

Brother, what recommendation do you give me?

Good content, I really do.

I am new to Steemit.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

it's getting kind of annoying to try and explain downvotes to each and every person who feels they are used unfairly




Mute/ignore all complaints and vote as you see best.

detected some good use of br here, have a !BEER on me

Hey @smooth, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Didn't read the stuff in the post totally... but damn, the last tat must be a unique one.

Apart from the personal liking, I agree with many of the major points that you made.
I do not deny that in the past I bought a lot of votes from bots, because it had been allowed.
But since the beginning of this year, also due to our discussion, I decided to move on and to focus on curation before #newsteem even started (or beforeit was even planned).
So all this to say that I like what steem's becoming and this also thanks to the conversion of bidbots into curation bots and thanks to the introduction of the downvote pool and who use it for the sake of steem blockchain.
I know that might sound weird coming from me, but keep up the good work.


True words 👍

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Nice words cheater, there is nothing noble in your actions. The same people are voted by the same people, it’s all a lobby group and nothing more.

there is nothing noble in your actions.

Says the guy retaliating with a full downvote on a minnow who makes 10x better posts than him. Piss off, scum.

This guy is only scamer and plagiarist.

This is only one scamer with big dishonest mouth.

We will see who is a scammer when I write a post about you, your little circle and your steemschools which by the way is a GOST TOWN with you and your bro post promoting themself. Don't worry, I will tag you all so you don't miss it and to see the always silly non-argumented replies from you :))

I still keep my mouth shut about what I will write about you exactly and you already got steemcleaners on your brother, you stopped voting socketpuppet accounts and you got almost more downvotes than upvotes.

Keep sending steem to your friends to upvote your circle and to downvote me, keep doing that. More content for my post about you.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 months ago (edited)

There are many more examples of @dobartim and @flysky sending money to rancho and heijin asking for “protection”. We have been dealing this these two criminals for a few weeks. @acidyo

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

lol I've only heard people talk about it, hilarious they do it so publicly. Pathetic.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Now I am on my computer... better screenshot

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

We have been able to blacklist flysky. Though he is so thick that he does not even understand that he is blacklisted, and continue to post spam.
Recently @dobartim transferred steem to @flysky and @aidasfg7 to help upvote his post from 'retaliation' coming people for you and me. I gather all the evidence and I present it to you quite plain @acidyo.

They don't understand that blockchain is transparent. We need these people out of here...

Yeah, imagine what else goes on here from the people that aren't as dumb as to use public transfers for their activities, lol.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment