RankMeUp Club Delegate Project Account #1 : 31-07-2019 Updated

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Hello Rankmeup Club followers,

We have account #1 ready to run this project!

In this post, I will tell all details about the delegate project and some change since last post.

This is the first project account as we just run this project.

This project aims to help everybody get start on steem blockchain and get upvote to their post and build their account to bigger fish.

In the long run is a WIN-WIN situation.

Why I run this project?

I want person who give something to the project, get some nice income return at the end. As we can see, there are many project around steem and finally, who get the most benefit. Of cause, they give more and should get more, but we build together so we all should be equal.
So, I am thinking about this project.

How project run?

I will have A account that will be only accepted delegate SP to A account and who delegate SP will get upvoted to their post, max of 1 upvote per day and A account is limit to 100 only (Exclude the main project account).

Once 100 slot is full, not more accepted to this particular A account and you may need to wait for account B to open to join again.

All the earning from this A account will power up to this A account only.

So, finally, A account gain more SP and upvote worth will increase as SP increase and you get more reward.

Why only 100 slot?

100% upvote power needed as much possible.
As, higher upvoting power, it increase upvote reward, that's why 100 is limited.

That's the idea.

Why delegate, no Steem?

With delegation, you can simply undelegate if you do not want to continue with the project. You have power to your SP, you do not lost anything.

Type of members?

We have only 1 type of member, simply delegate minimum of 10 SP and get 100% upvote, max 1 post per day.

How to become Membership?

Membership to RankMeUp Club Delegate Project is by DELEGATION ONLY, it is not a paid for community. If you want to sponsor the community, you can freely send STEEM/ STEEM DOLLARS to us with donate memo.

To join , please delegate SP to @rmu01 (not @rankmeupclub - it's main project account)

How To Delegate @rmu01

  • Go to here!

  • Steemconnect page will open and now you should click on "Continue" button and login to approve delegation.

You can also undelegate using this method by changing the delegation value to 0. Thank you.

Members benefit

  • get upvote 100% power to their post, max 1 posts per day, you must do post a post per day to get reward from this project
  • as SP of the account increase, you get more upvote reward
  • get extra random upvote from main account (so you may get 2 upvotes per post up to 1 post/day)

Any idea or comment are welcome!

That's all for now.

See ya in the next update!

01-03-2020 Updated


I would like to join your club

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I have deligate 10sp to rmu01. Now what do i need to do?

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Thx for delegation!

Add to upvoted list, u will get 100% upvoted from rmu01, max 1 post per day. just post everyday.

And I suggest this project too, https://steemit.com/@upvotebuilders , I use this project too.

Is this project also yours ?
By the way thank you i deligate with them too. Any others?

no, not mine and also it gives high upvoted value.

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Thank you.

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Thanks, u have been add to the list!

Thanks, u have been add to the list!

@rankmeupclub I really like this idea. Is this still active? Are the votes randomized? Is it limited to delegators? It appears there are more recipients than delegators at the moment.

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