My Random Korea #58 - Seasons Change...I go away, but I always come back.

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Welcome to My Random Korea Edition 58: Photo Blog inspired by @dbooster! Stop by @dbooster, @kafkanarchy84, @boxcarblue and @maxinpower for their beautiful #RandomJapan and more original #RandomAsia content. Steemit unites!

This blog series is dedicated to visually documenting my life in Korea, right here on STEEMit - the next generation of idea sharing and memory preservation platform...

Post daily. Keep Going. Keep Playing. Keep Shooting!


Green - the color of your eyes - eyes that see the emerald heart. Are you a writer, too?


Am I getting old? There comes a time when we start to feel this strong attraction towards nature. We want to unite with it. We feel it is time we get closer to the earth and the plants. It is the calling of ages. It is me being esoteric out of boredom and lack of places to go. It's both. It's the ability to appreciate the moment.


To get in and out of my area and into the city - you have to cross this bridge. It's almost invisible to me now. I am used to seeing it daily - I'm like that monk who can't appreciate the beauty of living in the forest, surrounded by the riches of wilderness - a place where most city people dream of moving out to eventually. Meanwhile the monk is trying to get up out of there - and go to the city. You get what I'm saying.

Also this guy. Buzzing night and day in the sky above me. That's how Korea is, though - The military don't sleep here.


Crazy cats with a crazy stare. Uninspired photography, I know.


And when the sun sets...people here suddenly remember they've got pets. Somehow, the routine - is always unforeseen.


That's the end of my random Korea for this edition of...Random Korea! It's good to refresh this blog with a proper post. It's also funny how I'm sitting here and it takes me five minutes to write a single line of text. But you know folk it. If I just flow with it. We should be good to go. No need to pressure ourselves to deliver content that is not a hundred percent from the heart. And you know what's in my heart right now? Nothingness- I just want to chill and share these photos with you guys :) After all, I and a bunch of other, good steemians from around here have been working hard to bring you something extravagant - grandiose, mega-exciting by the time #steemfest rolls around! So, hold onto your hats ladies and gents and steem on!


I'd like to humbly ask everyone who follows my blog to please resteem these posts. I'm on a visibility campaign (again lol) and would like to make more people be aware of my photography covering Korea. There are many people posting imagery from this part of the world, but most of it is banal tourist material you can already google (^_^ d) Much appreciated!



Oh, man! I worked on this bombass logo and it was here at all times when dlive was around. The problem is it has a D live logo in it too. I've got to redo the whole thing. Really annoying.



ᗢᖇᓮᘐᓰﬡᗩᒪ ₩☮ℜḲ by @kaliju

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Done everything you said here @kaliju .. what's the name of those beautiful flowers? And those cats really inspiring... I started to think what they're staring at and what's the colour of your clothes or object in front of them to make their eyes had that such beautiful colours?


Thanks @cicisaja :) You know, those flowers are actually little red berries. They are wild. Not sure what they are. I was wearing green sports pants and a brown jacket, surprisingly lol that's why their eyes are brown and green! :D


I was wearing green sports pants and a brown jacket, surprisingly lol that's why their eyes are brown and green! :D

So.. the mother looking at your pants 😂 and the kitten looking at your jacket , let me thinki.. what they're thinking 😅. Anyway.. you're a new "country bumpkin" now? Forgive my words... I read thise words in korean drama for those who came from the countryside 😊

yes we must be getting old. i know i used to hate wood and everything that was built with it. now i just love it ㅇ_ㅇ


from the hood to the wood

Wow. Great scenary there. How are Yoy brother? Fully recovered?

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Hi @bboyady, feeling great, thanks for asking!


My pleasure... all the best there

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@kaliju, After watching first two pictures i want to say that literally this natural green colours holding the healing essence. And whenever we surrounded with the pure greenery then for sure we will going to feel the essence of Refresh. And the funny aspect of this post is Cats picture where it's reflecting those cats are really holding the shocking expressions.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂



Wow Korea is very very exciting and beautiful, that's why you love your country so much.

God bless you dear sir.

muy linda korea,pero la foto de los gatos me encantó mucho@kaliju,saludos

Beautiful it North Korea?


I wish, that'd be really exciting lol

Korea is an amazing country. I have never seen such a beauty)

Really beautiful green, when you compare how it looks on the bridge the tree on a hill in font look slightly blueish may be due to pollution. We previously lived in a bigger city and now in a small coastal town we noticed that our son who required inhaler and was ill couple of time in winter completely stopped using it and has not been coughing so often. I can imagine you feel the same when you are up in the nature, away from traffic . I like those cats, the look alike probably mother and her kitten they look like you captured them and they just have noticed it like when you use a flash. Thank you for sharing such beautiful shots :)