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I @khackett sup girl, this challenge was really hard, the term, needed design, analysis, objective, definitely was very good, I hope have come to fulfill some of your expectations: D

💸 Design your own Cryptocurrency 💸

Criteria for this challenge:
Make your own post using the tag randomcotd. Drop a link in the comments so I don't miss it!
You will need to clearly state what your cryptocurrency or token is for. What does it do or what is it's purpose?
Best way to do this is by writing a whitepaper. (This doesn't have to be technical and mathematic, it just needs to state the purpose of the coin and what blockchain it runs on.) How are tokens or coins generated and distrubuted? What kind of proof does it use? Proof of stake? Proof of work? Or make up your own kind of proof! (proof of tears and proof of care are examples of new kinds of proof, research them to find out more)

How in the heck am I supposed to do this?
In order to design your own cryptocurrency or token, you'll need to start with an idea of what purpose it will serve.


This challenge was brain scratcher because I don't know to much about cryptocurrency, so I had to do some research and even now I have many doubts, so I don't know if I get to complete some of the requirements, but let's see what comes out.

Design a logo for your project


What do you think? isn't so bad I think, It needs some polishing, but it's a start


You will need to clearly state what your cryptocurrency or token is for. What does it do or what is it's purpose?

What is Kiss the kindness and how it's work, well for every act of kindness you make generate an Kiss and the idea is to make amends for the acts of kindness that a person performs for others, no matter how small or big the act is.


Include information such as what blockchain it runs on, what kind of proof it uses .

Well, the only proof i can think of is True Care Deeds, initially 30 million of kiss coin would be generated, and would be distributed after people post their acts of kindness





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that is the best currency in the world I love I did not know of its existence

I think this is a great idea!!! You nailed it! I love the concept, kisses for kindness! We've already got a whole tag just full of those stories here on steemit. 😍👏👏


Thank you so much @khackett I don't think I started anything but I liked and it would be great participate.