Where People Gather an Economy Develops - It Is All About the Eyes

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It is all about the eyes

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It is my position that growth in the value of Steem is all about the number of eyes viewing the site, usually measured in transactions, page refreshes, etc.

Gatherings of people naturally create trading groups

Historians believe that cave men traded bones and crafted tools.

Kids at lunch tables create elaborate trading exchanges

You can look at the population distribution in the USA and see how "centers for trading" created groups of people and economies

Craigslist, Poloniex, were created because people needed a place to gather and trade valuable goods and services that make life better.

The same concept is being created here.  

I believe this would be recreated, anywhere you put a tribe of people.

Where People Gather an Economy Develops

An Economy is being created on the streets of SteemIt.

Projects like:





There are many others I haven't listed.  Feel free to name them in the comments.

Why do I think this is happening now?

More eyes viewing the posts!  (supply and demand)

The more people who gather here the more an economy will naturally happen - Here is an imaginary situation

  1. At some point Coke or Pepsi or another large company may purchase some Steem and create an account.  (we aren't there yet)
  2. Based on other Internet business models, my guess is they would get people to interact with their account by giving away free services or products.
  3. Some people on SteemIt will be upset about large corporations joining and will try to flag those companies.  
  4. This may work for a while, but if  current users keep flagging, and there are enough eyes here to motivate Coke, they will buy into the "Stake Based System".  (They could even buy enough stake to vote for their own witnesses)
  5. Many users may become angry and leave, so Coke has to be careful to retain the "eyes" if they want their purchase to provide returns in name recognition or sales.
  6. It is all a balancing act

Whether you think it is a good thing or a bad thing, the more eyes we have on SteemIt, the more value and potential it will gain from creative, motivated people.  

It is just how it works.

My Conclusion - I want to support people helping others to become successful in this economy for win/win reasons

*this post is a collection of random thoughts meant only to represent my own opinions, some days my thoughts are influenced by the many interesting conversations I listen to on Steemspeak

To help others or not to help others?

This question is debated on a near daily basis on SteemSpeak.

                                                     link to steemspeak voice chat


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I guess I can speak to this from the point of view of a new person.

I can't even remember how I first found this site.

The wildness with a sort of rigorous, economic underpinning is exciting and interesting. The idea of compensation is exciting, no doubt, but, the sense that MY feedback has a tangible effect is also interesting.

Your scenario of a Coca-Cola Steemit account is a little scary. It speaks to a taming of that wild environment. Success here probably already means knowing how to game the system, BUT there is still that siren song of organic growth. That reality of being able to build a presence from nothing is very powerful and may very well be at an end when the environment is sorted out enough to attract a Coca-Cola.

I think I can breathe easy that that point probably won't come until all the reassuring formats and features of the standard social network are in place.

Hmmm... Maybe, taking so long to go beyond beta has a very specific purpose?


Thank you for the great comment. I agree we are likely a long way from that playing out.
The interesting part is I don't think we could stop it from happening in any other way, but to keep our user-base small.
I love the wild west as well and when we get "tamed", I will likely head to the newest wild west I can find, but it doesn't mean I do not cherish this time period.


Thanks for giving me a solid laugh... The next wild west...

I noticed Bitcoin at about 20 or so cents a coin, but I was too conservative to follow up on my curiosity. At some point, I said to myself, "Okay, I am following my gut a bit more." That is why I started posting on Steemit recently. I had the urge, so I went with it.

The good news about the modern world is that nerding out and going to the next wild west has a significant overlap!

Your idea is cool to some extent, i see steemit same as facebook aswell, so big corporations will definitely create accounts here, but about that control point, lets see what happen. One thing is sure, we are just starting 😎


It is an opportunity if managed correctly that could be a once in a lifetime for many!


So true, its an opportunity with responsibilities.

Very very true that the more people see steemit the better! Imagine if steemit had 2 billion people on it like FB, that would be insane and awesome. Lets aim for millions or billions of users!


I think we still have a long way to go.


Yea at least a few years. We need famous people making posts and/or videos about steemit then steemit can get more acknowledged through them.

Well seeing how fast steemit is growing in numbers, this could actually happen and even sooner than we might expect :) great post.


Yes, it is extremely difficult to determine when or if something is going to "take off".


We can only hope for the best !

I have to agree that it is a plausible thing, the more people come to Steemit, the more potential it will get! Funny thing it's just the beggining but it's already grown so huge.


:) We are a tiny fraction at this point, but I agree it is exciting to see the growth.


I really hope that it will be stable (fingers crossed). I don't even care about growing the price. Just let it be stable and all creators, artists will be able to make their dreams come true.

Thanks for good advice here. Interesting to hear this kinda thoughts.
Just we need get bigger and bigger. :)



Watching how projects pan out is interesting. I am not saying that is HOW it will happen. I am saying it is one thing I can imagine happening.


Imagination is a big thing, but you also have big reasons to say that. It will happen. Mark my words !!!

Very interesting thoughts about Steems future! Just look how facebook is used by companies. I hope that steemit will be the bigger one and be this massive platform where everyone in the world connect with each other.


While that could be our future, there are many imaginations here all pushing and pulling for it to go the direction they want/envision.

I am truly enjoying watching it all happen.

I agree, the more users we have on steemit the higher steemit value seems to go. Not just to increase steems value but we need to make sure each and every new user has a warm welcome and a helping hand until they understand everything. Because there is a lot to learn! Great post.


It is a lot of information! if I were the boss of the platform (and I am happy I am not) I would have the marketing team working on standardizing some language and concepts that are easier to digest.

Coke will only cause problems. . Please keep major corporations out


That is the point, we might not be able to.

Question: if you believe in steem, why r u selling your steem power and cashing out.


I am not selling out. If you did a full review of my account you would see that I have put more in then I have taken out. This is a common misconception in the community, that powering down equals selling. We need to educate the community to understand that is simply not true.

If your question is why do I exchange money in and out of my account, it is for trading and other projects.

Steemit is growing and building. I believe if we keep working as we have been we will all benefit greatly. What other social media pays us to be sociable?

Its nice to see steem growth it I'll definitely grow more all stats are in favour

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