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Yup. I'm probably like the weirdest and randomest person you'll ever meet...
Random facts about meee:
I've totally got into gardening this year. I have 20 tomatoes and 11 cucumbers and a lot more to come. I love biking and traveling and donuts. I am passionate about becoming a Midwife, and then Lord willing go to Africa or Haiti to serve there.
I love watching the sunset. I don't have hardly any experience with steemit. I love children and people in general. I had no clue what to post today so this is what I came up with. Lol 😀
I have 9 siblings that I love to death. Large families are the best! We're originally from Nebraska.
I hope this wasn't boring 😓 I'm still just posting on this like I would on my blog. (Which is: paigespages4thelord.blogspot.com)
Byeee xx



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