not into bananas, even the single ones

ha ha Now my life is better ;) LOL I hade no clue how complicated banana life could be ^^

Very funny
Or is it my dirty mind?
Life is good. How is yours?

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Fruit of Satan

Yep, single banana here too 🍌

Ah ha ha ha. Desperate bananas?

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Fresh and healthy bananas, I feel like eating them

hahaha even banana is single?hahaha

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Hahaha! Very funny! Life is like a banana!
I’d rather have some apples! Banana is best eaten as banana fritters with honey on top!

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Hahahaha! We have fresh bananas gotten direct from the farms here. And they are very cheap too. I used it fight the battle against ulcer. It works better than anything gotten from the drugstore.

I used it fight the battle against ulcer.

Really? I'm curious as to how.

PS : I was diagnosed in 2014.

I like bananas. Bananas a good snack. Easy to take with you and require no washing. I don't know why people will say @ihatebanana :-)

Bananas ROCK! Total mood food!

2 girls one banana

O. Banana one of my favourite.

Hahahaha amaziny quote;)

Perfect Mate! Can I have some banana?

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DAMN! I love bananas 🙏

Life is so great like banana.
I make banana salad using fresh single bananas :D

Oh, that's why I'm single - I'm allergic to the whole basket of singletons (I'm allergic to bananas). ;)

that‘a really a interesting describe😂

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the banana Prophet couldn't be more accurate about my life :P

very nice

lets eat together?

This makes me sad. I want to buy a whole mess of "Single" bananas haha

my life is like this!

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You got me bananas! Haha

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Life's needs are always changing. Sometimes as single, gives you lots of freedom but yet after sometime, you will miss your soulmate.

That's cute. They actually sell single bananas in the shop. :-)

Life's great thanks!

Quiet around here recently though!

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Big and long bananas aren't necessarily delicious. We are looking for bananas that are long, big, hard and durable. That's the best banana.

It seems that this banana is very delicious