Beyond Meat

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“A new IPO that just went from $23 to $95 in two weeks. Vegan world domination? Actually it’s quite possible. Snoop Dogg’s in it.”

Don’t take my word for it, just overheard this in a party lol.

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FOMO. I'd get that stock if and only if it's as a price which matches it's actual value in the market with regard to sales numbers and competition. The idea is that the stock needs to be profitable to hold.


Yea probably wait for it to cool down. looks like it has quite good potential. Instagrammers are currently hyping this thing lol


I learned not to buy stocks or any assets on hype. I always error when I let the hype get to me. Instead I look to buy stocks at what I calculate to be "fair market value" for the stock. If I think I'm getting a steal of a deal then the stock becomes more attractive than a stock which is hyped up but which is obviously looking like a pump and dump.

The best stocks I try to buy are the ones which are undervalued or if I can buy something before people know how valuable it is? So like with crypto if you got to buy it earlier you did better than if you bought it when Snoop Dogg and others are talking about it.

IPOs are usually hyped but there are plenty of companies on numbers that look undervalued. These are companies which have less competition, established markets, with lots of profit runway.

Veganism is the new hotness

Buy a jack fruit farm 🤷🏽‍♂️

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how come?


I believe they use it to make vegan meat tacos and stuff.... so with vegans growing in numbers it could be a wise move.


@kevinwong Actually, just read an article, and it seems Peas are the ones is super high demand because that is the base for many new meatless products, including Beyond Meat, the one with the recent IPO.

have you tried it at a&w yet?


nope i have not, will check it out!

It may actually be true

I like real meat....