Ayn Rand Destroys Socialism Forever

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Love her, or hate her, Ayn Rand will make you think. If you notice, near the end of the video, she mentions "leftist liberal professors," and says that "the universities are the real villains."

Courtesy: 'Simply explained' - YouTube Channel - Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed)
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she defends freedom and natural values from a more moral or ethical point of view, nevertheless, I think that von Mises is the ultimate defender of freedom from the point of economic vitae just as Locke is to the political.

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Good to see you're informing a few Steemians on an important piece of the "understanding-the-real-world" puzzle. That it is often a "love Rand or hate Rand" reaction proves that emotions have been serving as the judges of Rand's contributions. That is silly, because when one THINKS rationally about that; emotions serve best as motivators - think of the motor in a locomotive - but emotions should never be used to steer a moving vehicle on the highway of our lives. Rational thought, logical thinking is the only way to fly, or steer.


Great comment. Thank you.