Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: preparing for winter

in ranchlife •  6 months ago

I have not posted anything on the ranch since the wedding . The cows out at the ranch are doing good. We are working on buying an adjoining 40 acre plot that has a cistern and a small barn. That way we should be able to leave ther herd out there instead of bringing them the 40 mile trek back to Belle Fourche.
The new calves will be staying in my back yard in Spearfish. The 3 that are weened are already here. We will have 2 more soon.
We have managed to get a pretty good store of hay for the winter between what we cut ourselves and trading labor for more.
Jade has managed to buy another larger tractor and we hope to put it into use soon.
Winter is coming early as there is snow in the forecast for the next week. It does look like conditions should improve next week.
Closing with a full moon shot this week.
Thanks for following our journey on the ranch!

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I love your ranching updates. Keep them coming!!