Meanwhile back at the Ranch: moving our trailer

in ranchlife •  5 months ago

About a month or so ago we bought this semi trailer parked 21/2 miles down a dirt trail south of Redig South Dakota. It was a real good deal and it gives us the needed base at the ranch.
We have had so much rain that this was the first time the trail was dry enough for us to get it.
We borrowed a semi from our friends at the Thomas ranch and set about moving it to our place.
It was a dry hot day. The ground was still soft from the built up moisture. We arrived at the destination as expected. We hooked up to the trailer,checked the tires and we were off.
This is a picture of the place where we had acquired the trailer.
We had a late start so were pushing daylite, but we did make it there safe. It was dark by the time we were unhooked from the trailer so we took a gamble and decided to wait a day before we anchored it to the ground with cables.
The following day we put in our anchors and checked out our new ranch basecamp.
It will be nice to hAve a place to store equipment and supplies.

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That is a great idea for storage. Never thought that about that. Good thinking


Yes it’s already helping we have been balling all our tools back and forth.

Beautiful spot! Have you seen the amazing tiny homes that people make with these containers? I'd love to convert one although our family is too big to squeeze in permanently!