Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Escaped Cow on the highway!

in ranchlife •  7 months ago

We managed to complete the fencing around another section of pasture so last Saturday we decided to move the two year olds from my back yard out to the Ranch
Of these two girls one is very forward and one is a little shy.
We managed to load Freindly girl instantly. But shy girl was not having it even with the grain bucket. Finally we got here loaded.
My son headed out and I was doing a couple of things and headed out myself.
Just as I started down the road Jade called shouting dad the gate came open and we have a cow out next to the highway! I raced to the seen. By the time I got there there were several neighbors and passers by that had stopped to help. But shy girl kept escaping and bolting for the highway.
Finally we had her surrounded and trying to lead her down the ditch and back to the trailer. She turned and bolted through the fence and had now escaped into a mountainous pasture. At least she wasn’t at risk to bolt into a busy highway for the moment so we were somewhat relieved . Jade went into the pasture and started to herd her back down the hillside towards a nearby corral. All went well till we got her back near the highway . With cars and people all lining the path to the highway she still managed to escape through the line and back into the ditch along the highway. By this time the sheriff was there and he raced up and down the shoulder to help keep her in the ditch until she once again busted through the fence.
This time she was right next to the corrals so we started slowly herding her towards the gate. Allwas going good and suddenly she turned and blew through another fence into yet another pasture.
I felt like I had been running a sprint now for about 2 hours. She found her way into a deep thicket. She was tired and so were we. We just contained her there while the neighbors went and grabbed there lassos. The lead roper eased up and she started moving back into the clearing. He was successful in getting it around her neck but she started into a run before he could tighten it up. I grabbed the rope to assist but he had already let go. Bad Idea! Before I could let go I had a nasty rope burn across my hand and she drug me through the trees. I let go and she wandered away. The group however stayed with her and managed to get a hold of rope one and roped her hind legs. Finally we had her immobile. I ran for ther trailer and we led her in with the rope.
It was one crazy afternoon but we finally got them moved. We were just in time to enjoy another ranch sunset

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Never a dull moment on the ranch


Yes it was quite the experience. Happy they are safe now.