Why not believe in storks?

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There was a time when many, as children, we thought we had arrived from Paris at the peak of some stork. Then, discovering what it was like, we learned that Paris was true, but we began to think that the storks were mythological birds that did not exist in reality.

But storks, fortunately, do exist and there are two that are an example for any human being, and live in Croatia.

When you know this European nation, with so much memory and beauty, it is impossible to think that there, a few years ago, one of the fiercest wars of modern times was unleashed. And there were thousands of victims of all sides crazed in the conflict. And the storks did not escape either.

One day, a character armed with a rifle decided to shoot a stork that rested on the roof of a school. The bullet did not kill her, but it tore her wing and left her unable to fly. The school porter helped her, made a nest in the roof, and took care of her. And he called her Malena.

One spring morning a migrant stork came to the roof of the school, from those traveling to Croatia from South Africa. And it was a crush at first sight. And the newspapers and radio programs of Slavonski Brod, as the little village is called, highlighted with joyful headlines the love affair. And the man who baptized Malena, also named the lover and named him Rodan.

And the idyll paid off. A few days later there were eggs and then 5 chicks in the couple's nest. But that was not an easy love. The storks that nest in Croatia fly from South Africa more than 13,000 kilometers in return to escape the winter. And when the cold came, Rodan delayed his return for several days, waiting for Malena to accompany him. But she could not fly and Rodan left alone with his children. And there were tears among the locals, because it was the end of love.

No. The next spring, Rodán returned to Malena, who was waiting for him on the roof of the school. And so it has happened years after year. Rodán travels more than 13,000 kilometers to meet his beloved and has delivered 35 little storks to the world.

And they have made the children of Croatia, and also the adults of the whole world, create again in the storks. And in everything that in life is worth defending. In life, as in chess, there are forces that can not be controlled:


1: Qxg7 +; Kxg7 2: Nf5; Kg8 3: Nxe7 Checkmate

This story was originally written by my friend Ramiro Díez in Diario EL TELÉGRAFO under the following address: https://www.eltelegrafo.com.ec/noticias/columnistas/1/por-que-no-creer-en-las-cigueenas If you are going to use it, please quote our source and place a link to the original note. www.eltelegrafo.com.ec

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