The last rambutan fruit is strange and unique.

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Hi #uloggers everything, I came again after 4 days ago I was greeting his #ulog mention. Although in this few weeks there is nothing upvote I except @wafrica but still passion. This time I came to say hello to the theme of the last strange and unique Raisan fruit.


When I again heavily eat the hair's one after my one, and at the same time just a few minutes, came the last one who wanted to apparent however I happened I was confused and surprised at this hair different, what happened when I peeled.


Well that's how the fruit of the fruit has been transmitted in the mature fruit with the size of more is about 5cm and the root has 10 cm seen from his skin is still red but his son and the contents have grown again buds. Rare and rare items like this we find, let alone the fruit is not perfect cook or mature.


That's how it was in the morning this morning. Thanks to all members #ULOG @ulogs and to @surpassingGoogle


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