Discord Offline or Not Working

in #ramblingradio4 years ago (edited)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-07 um 21.02.01.png

Good Evening friends!

This is going to be a bad post in many ways!

Discord is not working right now for most people it seems.

Including me!

Just wanted to let you all know, in case you miss the Co-Host at the Barbarella Show :)

@ravijojla ... where are you???


PS: @enginewitty, could not join on your show .... now no discord is working anymore ... kicked me finally out ...


Hey @anutu :-) Here is a big hug, mate...
Barbarella should be missed at 8 pm. We tried a hangout, but it threw us one by one out. Good that I didn't hit the reccord!

Hug you!!!!!!!! After that at 9:30 all crashed again here my end ... ughhhhhh

You are among the first friends to share how successful our first beeswax turned out. Enjoy :-)

WOWOWOWOWOW, this is your first attempt???? This is unbelievable dear @ravijojla @crazybgadventure <3 They look so amazing!!! Beautiful!!!

Thank you, we love them, @anutu!
And its such a fun...dip'n'twist, and dip'n'twist....all the way!

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