Goodbyes are never easy...goodbyes are never fun

in rambling •  2 years ago 

We had great times together...

You were there for me anytime I needed you...almost.

You were my connection to the outside world.

You brought me together with other people.

You were the reason I could wake up in the morning.

You kept my ideas.

You did not demand much for yourself...some energy that was basicly it. If I gave you that you were with me till you were totally exhausted.

You kept my memories deep inside you. More than memories of yourself.

You were cheap but still my lady.

Whoever took you from me...I hope he burns in hell...

Farewell now my love sleep beloved phone.


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Damn, you got me with this one - After just reading the first sentence in the preview, I thought this is regarding you leaving Steemit. Glad it is just you phone that is gone 😉

so far steemit is the best we got so I am far away from leaving it.

Need to earn SBD to buy a new phone also :-)

Take your time to mourn and then start looking forward again!
Hope the new one will do a good job. ;-)

I hope so, too :-)

A new love is like a new life :-)

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😂😂 Ich dachte schon ohjeeee :D Ja aber auch der Abschied von einem Handy tut weh ;)

I also thought that you were leaving steemit, but it didn't make sense. You were so happy with 3000 followers and 40,000 SP...Then I thought that your computer had crashed. Finally it was your phone...

Abundance love towards your phone !! Every line is simple but constructed with deep emotions . Wish the person who took it from you gives back ..

There will be new phones in my life. I see it as a deposit into the karma bank

autsch that´s bad!! Canggu is getting more and more famous for that kind of stuff. I read so much the last days. Stolen Phone, Camera, ripping of handbags while driving on the scooter, breaking into villas.

or you just lost it at old mans?! 😂


Not this time....I think...probably...

oh you must be missing that

Took all my pictures with it so it is quite annoying

Nope, he's just purchase the new Samsung Flip phone. He's here to stay. ;)

Would be the smart thing since I am a black hole for phones

You'll get a new phone in 2 days with Steemit <3

Probably a bit longer but I will earn my new phone through steemit :-)

Hehe so you're aiming for IphoneX :p. Btw which one do you like the most, Iphone or Samsung?

I like android more but had a really cheap one now I probably save up and upgrade but not sure atm

I suggest you Samsung Edge 6 or 8. Avoid Edge 7 as I know a lot of people have problems with it.

Mine died long ago and I do not buy because I could die by the hands of someone who wants it. "It is the daily thing in Venezuela" :(

Ask for donations in Steemit and you buy a new one. ;)

I will earn my new one through steemit :-)

I read your post with so much emotions. It reminds me of my previous relationship. It wasn't easy we broke up. It was the hardest thing I have done in life.

sry to hear that. for me it is just my phone though

lol i know that right

Möge es im Smartphone Himmel friedlich ruhen..... wenn es aber ein Samsung war...brennt es in der Hö***

RIP...war kein Samsung aber vielleicht das nächste ;-)

das kannst du dann gleich als Heizung verwenden...die brennen**

ich bräuchte eher eins das kühlt :-)

ich bräuchte eher eins das kühlt :-)

Romantic sentence...i also think on your ex-someone...but it seems also too that it was a phone...hahahahahha.
Funny too!!!
i wish you will do it as soon as possible...


it was a nice phone :-(

you said it better than anyone else today :)

I agree with a short story about my wife, I upvote and resteem yes

Great post and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.

great your post brother..i like your post..

good byes is never fun to say :(

Your views are very amazing. She likes to read.

good poems, very interesting to read .....

This is amazing @flipstar.

thanks for sharing keep it up

well they never are !


very nice art photos

Your poem is really wise, as if this were like a drama.

yes it's true... you can only realise it at the time when are facing this things.

you can get a phone in couple of days . you built your profile in such way. sorry to hear about the loss but glad to hear that you gonna get either iPhone or Samsung :P