Falling knives again?

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A couple of weeks ago I said I could not help myself and bought a bit of VET because it seemed so cheap.

Though it went up in this time but not before it went down way more.

I am not really trying to catch the bottom. It would be nice but it is nearly impossible. Rather I am looking for favorable entries.

Today we had a small "crash" ( not really a crash though but we went down again ).

Some alts got hit harder than others and again I am looking at the prices and ask myself the million dollar question


Is this a good time to buy?

I wish I knew the answer...I bet we all do.

I discovered a podcast I really enjoy called "Ready Set Crypto" where smart people talk about smart things in a way I can understand it.

You remember the phrase "Buy the dip"?


And dame...I bought the dip...and again...again...and once more till there was nothing left I could buy anything with, only to see my coins deep even more.

The thing is, according to the podcast, buying the dip is something you do in a bull market....

This makes me a bit more cautios to buy atm. While it sucks to see a coin you really want to run away and double in price, it sucks more to have this coin and see it falling 50%.

The most important part before we thinking about gains should be protecting our investment/ not loosing.

Sounds logical but I forgot this often enough when my eyes were full of Dollar signs.


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On Wall Street they say "The trend is your friend", I guess they avoid falling knives.


I guess so as well :-)

I figure they are smarter than me as well :-)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

You follow ready set crypto also, they got epic videos! You should follow crypto Kirby also, his TA’s are legit. 😀

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I think they pretty much the best you can watch on youtube!

Will check him out thanks for the tip :-)

what a shocking day for crypto enthusiasts the manipulation at its peak :(