Last Day of Ramadhan Bazaar

in ramadhan •  8 months ago

@krazyrex and I arrived at the #bazaar on foot. We'd walked from the nearby Dpulze Shopping Centre. 😸

The weather was perfect for the occasion because it had just stopped raining, the clear sky and cool air made the stroll more enjoyable than usual. We were excited because we like the bazaar. However, we did not keep our hopes up because it was the last day of #Ramadhan.


One look at the bazaar and we could see that several stalls were missing from the usual spots. And the crowd was smaller than usual even though it was half past six. Well then, it made sense because most of the vendors would have made the trip back to their hometowns – in Malaysia we call this “balik kampung”, which roughly translates to going home.




After a round of browsing, we have decided what we wanted. We lined up for “Murtabak Daging” (Stuffed Beef Pancake), Cempedak Goreng (Deep Fried Jack Fruit), and BBQ Chicken with Gravy. We left the bazaar with a heavy heart because we won’t be meeting some of the sellers until next Ramadhan! On the bright side, we got ourselves some awesome food to break fast for the last time in the year. 🍖🍗🍍


✳️At last, I would like to wish all Muslims a happy Eid, or “Selamat Hari Raya”, as Malaysians would say. Safe travels to those of you who is going home and have a lot of fun gathering with family and friends 👪

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