Ramadan is Gone, our faith should be intact (indiscrete)

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

At first-It was coming, later-it came, and now-it's gone.
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I pray that its impact will however not leave, but will increase with time, making us better slaves to The Most Merciful, The Most High.

May Allaah reward you for your strivings, and not cause your deeds to be lost.

May He grant you the zeal to learn the deen that He has chosen for you; the resolve to practise it, the patience to bear the tests of practicing; the stubbornness to hold firm to the straight path and not deviate, the guidance to follow the middle path of Islam - not the precipitous fringes of extremism.
I ask Him to provide for you abundantly in all aspects of your deen, dunya, grave, resurrection and entrance into Al-Jannah. May He cause you to enter Al-Jannah without accounting. May He bless you with the deeds and His pleasure, to attain what I have prayed for.

May He make you well pleased with what He provides for you. May He protect you, become the hands with which you grasp, the eyes with which you see, the ears with which you hear, and the feet with which you walk.

May He bless your days on earth, giving you life for as long as He knows that you will profit from living, and taking you unto Himself, when He knows that death is the best for you, and He has assured you paradise, and salvation from the fire.

BaarakaLlaahu fiykum.

'Eid Mubaarak. TaqabalaLlaahu minna wa minkum.

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